23 Best Indoor Kid Activities in Charleston, SC

There isn’t a wrong time to visit Charleston, but sometimes people stay inside when it rains, is too cold, or is too hot. Most visitors don’t know what to expect. They came with flip-flops and shorts because they thought they’d be walking everywhere.

There are also several indoor kid activities Charlestons. Depending on the weather, your kids might choose to spend the day inside. Check out our selection of the finest indoor activities in Charleston for families.

1. Go to the Friends of the Hunley Museum to see a piece of maritime history.

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: www.hunley.org

The first best indoor kid activities Charleston is Hunley Museum During the Civil War, the Hunley was a submarine that sank a Union ship and went missing in Charleston Harbor. Researchers finally found the sunken submarine in the mud of the harbor after looking for it for decades.

A team of experts carefully supported and moved the Hunley from where it had been resting. They also kept it in good shape and fixed it up. The original is at the Friends of the Hunley Museum, but there is a copy outside the Charleston Museum. Come find out how the first Listen to what people think happened on that fateful night when the submarine sank after completing its mission.

2. Go to Best Friend of Charleston Train Museum

indoor kid activities charleston sc

The Best Friend of Charleston Train Museum is only a short walk from the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. This small show is a copy of the Best Friend, the first steam-powered locomotive train built in the U.S. for revenue service. The first train arrived in 1830 at the West Point Foundry. It was used to connect Charleston to markets farther inland.

The Best Friend of Charleston’s boiler blew up six months after it started running, but it was replaced by other trains on the growing system. In the early 1800s, when trade returned to Charleston, the railroad helped jumpstart the city’s revival. People can ride the train for free if they want to.

3. Free events in Charleston Every second Sunday

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: Charleston Harbor Tours

Kids can have a lot of fun activities in downtown Charleston by going to Second Sunday and having one or two concerts at Music Farm. Charleston stops cars from driving on King Street from Calhoun Street to Queen Street every second Sunday of the month. This activity is how the event got its name.

King Street becomes a walking mall where restaurants, street vendors, and performers spill out onto the street. You can make your kids play an instrument on King Street if they have been incredibly annoying. That’s the only reason I think I often see kids playing while a parent watches them from the side.

4. You can bring out your inner child at Sky Zone Charleston Trampoline Park

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: Sky Zone

Sky Zone The first indoor trampoline park was in Charleston, and it’s always looking for new ways to play. The firm believes that active play is essential. Play that gets us to jump, dodge, flip, sweat, bounce, and laugh. Play where you can be yourself and be accessible at the moment.

You and your kids can jump off those extra calories at the Sky Zone Charleston Trampoline Park. Spend your time indoors playing games like dodgeball and a brand-new version of Wipeout. So, since time doesn’t stop here, why should you? When it gets dark, this trampoline park turns into a crazy jumping dance club with lasers, music, and blacklights.

5. Have a great time laughing with comedians at Theatre 99

indoor kid activities charleston sc

At Theatre 99, you can laugh until you cry. The theater, which has a large stage and seating for around 125 people, is a terrific spot to conclude the day with a good laugh. Who doesn’t like comedy, after all? The theater has a lot of different shows, but improv comedy is its specialty. Watch out for The Have Nots and the other funny Theatre 99 members who perform with them. Theater 99 is close to the Bicycle Shoppe because it is above it. When it comes to getting in, they have strict rules. If you don’t show up 30 minutes before the show, your seats will be sold to people on the waiting list. Be on time to get the most out of the comedy show.

Theatre 99 is a one-stop shop for funny, satirical comedy. This theater company is known all over the world. They support stand-up comedy, music, and even cabaret. Join the chaos of improv comedy at Theatre 99 and pass the time when it’s raining. Your time here will be unplanned, with tickets starting at USD 5.

6. Visit IMAX Citadel Mall Stadium 16 to see a movie

indoor kid activities charleston sc

What could be better on a wet day than seeing a 3D movie with your lover while munching buttery popcorn? If it starts to rain, pick your favorite movie and head to Citadel Mall Stadium 16 with IMAX.

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You may select from various categories based on the type of book or age group. Horror movie fans should go to the House of Screams, while people who like movies that aren’t the norm should try some indie films.

7. Solve puzzles at Escape in 60

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: escpae60.com

Have you ever wondered how Sherlock gets everything done in one minute? The answer is Escape 60. This real-life adventure game is made for small groups and is meant to keep your nerve cells working and your mind sharp. Use the hints and clues around the room to find your way out of the escape rooms. Choose your adventure wisely, based on how fast and skilled you are. During this 60-minute adrenaline rush, you can break codes with your partner or family while getting to know them better.

Your team and you will be locked in a room for one hour (75 minutes for The Amber Room). There will be puzzles to solve and hints to find inside the room, so you’ll need to bring your brain and keep your eyes open. It will be the quickest hour you’ve ever spent. This book is for you if you’ve ever imagined yourself as a Sherlock Holmes. This is the book for you. If you love solving mysteries and finding clues when you watch TV or movies, pretend you’re doing this for real. Think of a Crystal Maze mixed with glue.

8. Go to the Citadel Mall and shop ’til you drop.

indoor kid activities charleston sc

What to do when it’s raining out? Well, shopping until you drop is the most obvious choice. Everyone should go shopping at Citadel Mall. Even though you might not be the only one looking for shelter here on a rainy day, this large mall is spread over 1,138,527 square feet (105,773 square meters), giving you a lot of room to do different things and shop.

The choice of more than 100 stores includes world-famous brand stores like Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Belk, LOFT, Target, and more. At VKSI Salon, you can eat sesame burgers or get a makeover. There is also a children’s play area in the Citadel Mall where you can relax.

9. Patriot’s Point: Go to an aircraft carrier

indoor kid activities charleston sc

Patriots Point is one of the world’s largest museums like it. Visitors to the museum can go on tours of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, as well as a destroyer ship and a submarine. People can also visit the Medal of Honor Museum and the Vietnam Experience Exhibit. Once inside the vast USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, you can forget about the rain and walk around for a few hours. 

Your ticket includes the destroyer (USS Laffey) and the submarine (USS Clamagore). To get on the submarine or destroyer, you may have to walk down the dock, which can be slippery. It will take you from downtown Charleston across the water to Patriot’s Point in a climate-controlled minibus. Visit South Carolina’s largest museum, Patriot’s Point Maritime Museum, to see the famous USS Yorktown aircraft carrier.

10. Go to the Provost’s Dungeon and the Old Exchange

indoor kid activities charleston sc

During the American Revolution, the British used it as a provost dungeon to hold war prisoners. In 1788, South Carolina delegates debated and signed the U.S. Constitution. When President George Washington came to Charleston in 1791, he was treated to a banquet.

And that’s just the first twenty years it was up! It’s also tainted by slavery, like almost everything else in Charleston. This structure served as The Exchange during the American Revolution and the Civil War. The building was where enslaved people were sold to the public for many years.

11. Check out Zero George’s Cooking School

indoor kid activities charleston sc

Let’s get one thing straight: you don’t do the cooking. You watch a professional chef make a fantastic three-course meal right in front of you, which you then get to eat and drink with the wine that goes with it.

Isn’t it much more tempting this way? Zero George’s cooking classes never have more than eight people, so it’s an excellent way to spend an evening with good food and wine. It’s not cheap ($195 per person, not including tax and tip), but it’s always thought of as one of the most romantic things in Charleston.

12. Go ice skating at the Carolina Ice Palace

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: Carolina Ice Palace

You can reenact your favorite romantic ice skating scene from a Hallmark movie at the Carolina Ice Palace. Since this is an indoor rink, there is no snow, though. This rink is also not in the city center, but it is in a busy area where it is easy to get an Uber. Here, it never gets cold enough to have outdoor rinks for skating. Thank you, great warm weather. Public skating times change from season to season. Check the schedule for public skating before you go.

The Carolina Ice Palace is excellent for a skating party or group outing. If you want to go to the Ice Palace with a group to skate, here are a few things to consider. Groups can rent the ice and book semi-private or private rooms overlooking the ice. There is also full catering available. You can also bring a group during one of the many times when the rink is open to the public. The group rates only apply to public skating sessions and include skate rentals.

13. Walk around the CofC campus

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: The College Today- College of Charleston

When going on vacation, the best plan is not to have one. If you’re feeling lazy or tired from a nonstop trip, take a slow walk through downtown Charleston’s College of Charleston. The college is part of Downtown Charleston, which makes it both a unique and wonderful place to go to school. Even schools and offices are often located in old buildings.

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There are also some new buildings at the College of Charleston, like the vast Addlestone Library and a tech and study hub with fountains, outdoor seating, and a Starbucks. Grab a coffee and look around.

14. Have high tea in the South

indoor kid activities charleston sc

Traditional tea time is one of Charleston’s many culinary delights. Every week, Jenn’s Afternoon Tea at Twenty-Six Divine is held, and guests can choose from a seasonal menu of posh and tasty teas, savory tea sandwiches, small desserts, and freshly baked pastries. During tea time, you can also get wine and champagne.

If you want a more elegant experience (and a great photo op), try the weekend Crown Tea at Hotel Bennett’s Camellia’s, a pink champagne lounge with a stunning crystal chandelier. The afternoon tea includes a glass of sparkling wine, caviar, macarons, and many different kinds of tea.

15. Enjoy opportunities and activities in Growga’s Foundations

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: growga

In Growga’s Foundations Training, certified youth mindfulness instructor Maggie McDowell, M.Ed, CYAEP, RYT-200, and Yoga Alliance Education Provider and Growga Founder Emily Behr, E-RYT-200, teach teachers research-based ways to teach mindfulness and movement to youth in fun, engaging ways. Grow-certified teachers get the curriculum and easy-to-access monthly PDF bundles by email every month.

Each bundle comes with research-based mindfulness lesson plans and themed activities, a planner, and other organizational tools that help teachers create a more mindful environment and incorporate activities into their lessons. The research involved making the curriculum (podcasts, articles, and studies to support the work—mindfulness practices for Educators with a Theme, Growga classes, and activities that have already been recorded.)

16. Charleston Flight Adventure Park.

indoor kid activities charleston sc

The Flight Adventure Park in Charleston is another excellent family park for those days you want or need to be indoors. It’s a 40,000-square-foot park crammed with trampolines. This indoor park, however, provides considerably more than just trampolines. You may try out the slackline, aerial silks, or Ninja Warrior courses here. The inflatable park is excellent for kids, while the arcade is suitable for people of all ages.

Airslam basketball, dodgeball, and customized events for parties and groups are all available. A whole day or an hour of fun at Flight Adventure Park Charleston mixes family enjoyment with some exercise while on vacation. When you depart, you’ll surely be ready for some excellent southern food in Charleston.

17. Go to the clay center

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: Everything WV

Here are some activities that your kids could enjoy at the Clay Center. The Clay Center has a lot of ways for your kids to put what they’ve learned in school to use and explore basic educational ideas in a hands-on way. Hands-on exhibits, interactive workshops, and live shows bring learning to life.

The Avampato Discovery Museum will help you with your science, technology, engineering, art, and math studies. Explore the world and beyond with gigantic screen films and planetarium presentations in the awe-inspiring Digital Dome. In the Maier Foundation Performance Hall, you may meet historical characters or see literary classics come to life.

Your kids will engage with the world around them at the Clay Center, encouraging them to ask questions, think critically, and figure out solutions independently. Please make contact with us immediately to begin planning your journey. See traveling exhibits from artists and museums throughout the country and shows from the Juliet Art Museum’s magnificent permanent collection.

18. Visit Charleston Light Opera Guild 

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: WCHS

The Charleston Light Opera Guild is headquartered in the historic Weekley Memorial Church on Tennessee Avenue and Roane Street on Charleston’s restored west side. The complex includes a stage, a 225-seat theater (with a balcony and antique stained glass windows), a restaurant, a meeting area, dressing rooms, a carpentry shop, and storage for costumes, lighting, sound equipment, and props and sets amassed throughout the years. The theatre provides an intimate atmosphere for our summer and non-main stage plays.

The Charleston Light Opera Guild wants to entertain, engage, and inspire people by putting on low-cost, high-quality musical theater in the community. Every year, almost 14,000 people see a Guild play, and co-productions with the Clay Center allow an additional 2,400 children to participate. Among its graduates are numerous active professionals in theater, music, dance, cinema, television, and production. Jennifer Garner, Kathy Mattea, Ann Magnuson, Joe Chrest, and Rebecca Robbins are among them.

19. The Online Schools Center has resources 

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: The College Today

Too often, math, science, and other subjects are seen as more important than art. But to downplay the importance of art is to downplay the importance of being human. Art teaches us to be creative and pay attention, and it can shape or even completely change how we see the world.

The best artists in history all started somewhere, and it’s never too late to pick up a brush or sign up for an online school and try it for yourself. Technology has made learning about art more accessible than ever before.

20. NASA’s STEM Activities

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: WVNews

The United States civil space program is called the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which leads the world in space exploration. The organization employs around 18,000 public workers from a variety of backgrounds. It works with many more U.S. contractors, universities, and international and commercial partners to explore, find, and expand knowledge for the good of all people.

NASA studies Earth, the Sun, and the solar system and places beyond it at its 20 centers and facilities across the country and at the only National Laboratory in space. NASA develops and pays for space technologies that will help people on Earth and allow for more space exploration in the future. NASA also leads an exploration plan called “Moon to Mars,” which involves working with U.S. industry, international partners, and academics to develop new technology. NASA sends science research, and soon, Artemis missions will send humans to the Moon to assist in preparing for human exploration of Mars.

21. Mellow & Play Cafe is a fun place to play and learn.

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: North Charleston, SC

Mellow and Play Cafe is a place where parents can relax, meet other people, or work. It makes this possible by giving kids ages 0 to 8 a place to go where they can enjoy activities that help them grow creatively and physically.

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Sit back and relax, read a book, or chat with friends and other customers while your kids play. Your kids will have fun exploring, learning, and playing with other kids—a play area for kids ages 0 to 8 with jump castles and more. There is free WiFi, a comfortable place for adults to sit, and a cafe with coffee, drinks, and snacks. The place to play inside

22. Bizzy Bee Indoor Play Center 

indoor kid activities charleston sc

The Bizzy Bee Indoor Play Center is in the middle of the Lowcountry in South Carolina. Bizzy Bee has room for kids of all sizes and a lot of room for them to let their imaginations run wild. The party space can fit a few or a lot of people. Bizzy Bee has four party rooms that can be used for birthday parties and other events.

As a family-owned and run business, you will know how important it is to keep all kids in a fun, clean, and safe environment! The whole place is designed to get kids to be creative and imaginative while helping them improve their balance and coordination. It’s a place where they can play and find ways to have fun. Bizzy Bee has things for the parents as well.

23. Outside in

indoor kid activities charleston sc
Source: outslidein.com

The last best indoor kid activities Charleston is OutSlide In in the Citadel Mall’s Belk wing. It has a prominent play structure with five slides, three party rooms, a toddler area, and a Mini City where kids can play with their imaginations. Don’t worry, Moms and Dads. This place is open seven days a week and has a cafe with WiFi and lounge areas where you can get coffee, snacks, beer, and wine. Some dreams do come true!

Outline knows how important it is for kids to have a fun, safe place to run around and explore. Over the past few years, you’ve been to many other indoor playgrounds around the country, and every time you’ve gone back home, you’ve wished that there was something like that where you lived. The idea for OutSlide In came from a desire to create a fun, new place in Charleston that also took advantage of people’s love of being outside.

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