These 25 Fullmetal Alchemist Tattoo Ideas Will Inspire You!

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the best manga and anime of the 21st century! It may not be as popular as One Piece or Naruto. But it is undoubtedly a masterpiece. The story is so fantastical yet grounded. You get to see raw emotion, genuine character interaction, and fluid actions! It’s no wonder that the fandom still thrives even years after the series has ended. Hardcore fans like you may even want to consider getting a Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo to show your passion! And we’re here to inspire you with some beautiful tattoo design ideas!

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If you are looking for suitable Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo designs, our list will definitely help you! We have compiled designs based on expert tattoo artist recommendations as well as extensive research. Alchemy-inspired tattoos, including Homunculus symbol ink and equivalent exchange symbolism, will look absolutely badass. So, let’s check together and see which tattoo resonates with your personal style!

What are the most popular symbols from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ for tattoos, and what do they symbolize?

The most popular symbol from Fullmetal Alchemist has to be the blood seal on Al’s armor. The scene where Ed desperately drew that symbol using blood to bind Al’s soul to a suit of armor was unforgettable. It’s very emotional and somewhat traumatizing! The symbol itself is quite simple and looks a lot like a pentagram circle. Because of its simplicity and significance, the design is very popular for a tattoo.

Another symbol from Fullmetal Alchemist that is popular for tattoos is the Ouroboros! This symbol appears on the bodies of artificial humans, the Homunculus. The winged serpent eating its own tail looks absolutely menacing!

Other popular symbols include the transmutation circles and the cross. For a comprehensive list, check our list below!

Fullmetal Alchemist Tattoo

Here are cool Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo designs that you should check out! Which one is your favorite?

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Tattoo

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@caiocesar_art)

Let’s start our list with this incredible tattoo of Ed and Al themselves! Our two main protagonists deserve the top spot. This tattoo highlights the closeness of the Elric brothers. Their tight bond is unbreakable and the source of their strength. Despite facing multiple tragedies, Ed and Al keep moving forward on their quest. Thus, it symbolizes that no. when you have each other, you can keep pressing on despite all the hardships!

2. Edward Elric Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Instagram (@aceinktattoo)

This standalone Edward Elric tattoo design is suitable for your shoulder! Ed, the big brother, is such a positive character. His optimism and outlook in life are very inspiring. This is why he is an excellent tattoo material. For this design, Ed is about to perform an alchemy by clapping together his hand. The pose looks as if he is praying, it’s super badass!

3. Alphonse Elric Tattoo

Alphonse Elric Tattoo
Source: Pinterest

Even though Alphonse is younger than Ed, he is actually more mature! He is always less emotional and impulsive. His wisdom and perseverance have managed to save them on multiple dangerous occasions. This is why we love Al as much as we love Ed! Fans of Al will certainly love this tattoo design. It depicts Al’s head armor piece overgrown with flowers.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist Flamel Symbol

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Özden Özberber)

One of the most prominent symbols that appears in the series is the Flamel. It is a symbol that consists of a cross, a snake, a crown, and a pair of wings. You can see this symbol appear on Edward’s red coat. You can also see it in Miss Izumi’s arm. The series itself does not really explain explicitly the significance of this symbol. We believe that it symbolizes knowledge and god! It rad yet subtle design, ideal for your first tattoo!

5. Scar’s Alchemy Arm Tattoo

Scar’s Alchemy Arm Tattoo
Source: Pinterest

One of the reasons why Fullmetal Alchemist is such a great series is thanks to its complex characters. And within the series, we believe that our anti-hero, Scar, is the most complicated one! If you are also a fan of Scar’s super destructive alchemy, you have to consider getting his alchemy tattoo. The pattern is very intricate and symbolizes the deconstruction. It’s part of Scar’s philosophy that destruction is just another side of alchemy!

6. Blood Seal Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Instagram (@tattooputz)

How come Edward Elric is an empty suit of armor? How does he even move? Well, this tattoo is your answer! During the failed attempt of human transmutation, Al lost his body and Ed had to bind his soul to the armor. This symbol is what connects Al’s soul, allowing him to live despite not having a real body. The tattoo’s back story is very grim and touching, but also hopeful! It’s a symbol of connection and hope.

7. The Truth Tattoo

The Truth Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@femto)

Truth is cruel but fair! He gives but also takes and always follows the principle of equivalent exchange. If you want power and knowledge you have to appease Truth with sacrifice! You can get this beautiful Truth tattoo on your body to remind you to always stay true to yourself. If you believe in yourself, you can defeat Truth’s cold hard logic!

8. Humnculus Ouroboros Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Pollyanna Alves)

Ouroboros is a symbol that depicts a serpent swallowing its own tail. In the Fullmetal Alchemist series, it symbolizes the perfect being. Each of the homunculus, Father’s seven deadly sins manifestation, has an Ouroboros tattoo. It is part of their hubris, to look down on humanity, and pose themselves as the ultimate creature. While the homunculus are the main villains, you can still sympathize with them. This is why Fullmetal Alchemist is such a masterpiece. Now, if you are also a fan of the team homunculus, the Ouroboros tattoo is the one to get!

9. Pride Tattoo

Pride Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖊 𝕭𝖊𝖗𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖘)

Who dares defy Pride’s overwhelming power? While outside he looks like a boy, inside he is a beast with unlimited destructive ability! As the eldest of the Homunculus siblings that “Father’ created, Pride certainly lives up to his name. Because of his fierce character and deep symbolism of seven deadly sins, Pride is a great source of tattoo inspiration. A tattoo of Pride will symbolize your inner fierceness despite your innocent outside look.

10. Gluttony Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Instagram (@peko.tattooer)

Gluttony is one of the homunculus that aims to turn mankind into philosopher stones. He may look chubby and cute outside. His demeanor is even childlike. But inside, Gluttony is a beast that will devour everything, even human beings! True to his name, his appetite is limitless. Now, if you are also a glutton, you may resonate well with this excellent Gluttony tattoo! It is in color and very detailed!

11. Homunculus Lust Tattoo

Homunculus Lust Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@staydrawlin)

Just like her name, Lust is the prettiest villain in the Fullmetal Alchemist series! One of the most outstanding traits of this franchise is that there are plenty of strong female characters. It is very unique among Japanese manga or anime which often treat girls as objects. If you love Lust’s unstoppable spear power, this tattoo will be the one for you. It is especially suitable if you like a gothic and gory design. Get it on your shoulder!

12. Dwarf in the Flask Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Jen Graf)

Who would have thought that the true appearance of the main villain in FMA is this furr ball!? The Dwarf in the Flask, as Van Hohenheim calls the creature is actually very evil. It may look like a harmless black substance with one eye and a mouth. But it holds a dark secret on how to create philosopher stones. He secretly one to become a god, seeking perfection. If you are also a perfectionist, perhaps this tattoo of The Dawrf in the Flask will resonate with you!

13. Human Transmutation Circle Tattoo

Human Transmutation Circle Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@imgur)

It is impossible to bring back someone who is already dead! Yet many genius alchemists still tried and failed. Even our main characters Ed and Al also attempted human transmutation to try to revive their mother. Consequently, the Truth punished them and they lost their bodies. While we know human transmutation is impossible, we can sympathize with the Elric brothers. Losing your loved one is always hard after all. If you share the sentiment, you may want to use the human transmutation circle as an arm tattoo! 

14. Alchemy Portal & Truth Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Instagram (@animemasterink)

The previous faceless Truth tattoo with the black tentacle was excellent with its simplicity. In this version, with the addition of the Portal, the tattoo is more alive. You can see the mysterious red eye behind the door and countless black shadow hands. There is also the red blood seal that Ed uses to bind Al’s soul. The colored tattoo certainly looks more immersive, giving it more impact.

15. Transmutation Circle With Ed and Al Hands

Transmutation Circle With Ed and Al Hands
Source: Pinterest (@Танюша)

Here is a transmutation circle body art that took direct inspiration from the manga! The tattoo takes inspiration from the scene where Al lost his whole body and Ed lost his left arm. The brothers tried to grasp each other arm right before the Truth took their bodies. We believe that the arm pose also gets its inspiration from the Creation of Adam painting. It’s a very clever and tasteful tattoo!

16. Flame Alchemist Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@André Estevan)

For those of you who want to try alchemy-inspired tattoos, the flame alchemist, Colonel Mustang, can be your source of inspiration. This design portrays the scene where he is about to cast his powerful flame alchemy. It is very destructive and will burn everything in a flash.

17. Crying Colonel Mustang Tattoo

Crying Colonel Mustang Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Next Luxury)

The scene where Colonel Mustang cries during Hughes’ funeral is very impactful. You can feel their friendship and how it must be very painful to lose your dear friend.  It is a very moving scene and you can’t help but cry too! This tattoo captures that moment perfectly.

18. Alex Amstrong Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Pinterest (

No one loves muscle more than Major Armstrong! This powerful army officer is not just all muscle though. He is actually an alchemist with incredible destructive skills! He could even fight toe to toe with enemies like Scar and homunculus Sloth! If you also love working out as much as the Strong Arm Alchemist, tattooing his beautiful face on your body can be a nice option!

19. Automail Tattoo

Automail Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (

In the Fullmetal Alchemist universe, people can replace their arms or legs with artificial robotic limbs. The Automail, as the series calls it, is a unique prosthetic that can replace original body parts! Because Ed lost one of his arms and legs, he also wears Automails. Now the metal arm tattoo designs can cleverly imitate that Automail look! It will cover your whole arm with a cyborg-like design.

20. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Symbols

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Chloe K)

The Fullmetal Alchemist universe is full of symbolisms that have deeper meanings behind them. This tattoo design combines all of the prominent symbols that appear in the series. In the center, you get Ed’s cross and serpent symbol. Around it, there are the blood seal, God’s eye, dragon ouroboros, flame alchemy circle, Scar’s destruction alchemy symbol, and the presidential seal. This combination of small tattoos is the embodiment of the whole Fullmetal Alchemist story!

 21. Alphonse Real Body Tattoo

Alphonse Real Body Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@Alex)

As a consequence of attempting human transmutation, Al lost his whole body! His real flesh and blood were taken by Truth in the portal of knowledge as payment for attaining the ultimate alchemy knowledge. In one of the scenes, you will see how thin Al’s real body is! This tattoo takes inspiration from that storyline. On your left calf is a tattoo of Al’s real body while on the right is Al’s armor.

22. King Bradley Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Instagram (@roserabbittattoo)

Who would have thought that the president of Amestris, Ed’s country, is actually a homunculus?! It was such a shocking revelation and one of the eeriest plot twists in anime and manga history. Among the evil homunculus, Bradley, a.k.a. Wrath, is definitely the most interesting. He is a capable and charismatic leader. Fans of Wrath would definitely love this lovely tattoo for their arms!

23. Edward and Winry Tattoo

Edward and Winry Tattoo
Source: Instagram (

The subtle romance in Fullmetal Alchemist is absolutely adorable! There is a lovey-dovey tension between Ed and Winry, the main heroine! Fans absolutely ship this power couple. The awkwardness of Ed and Winry’s shyness is the reason why the relationship is so enjoyable to watch. If you also ship Ed and Winry, we highly recommend this tattoo that features them!

24. Mustang x Envy Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Instagram (@ikaros_tattoo)

Envy is Colonel’s Mustang arch nemesis! This shape-shifting homunculus killed his best friend, Maes Huges. With the flame of vengeance, Mustang burns Envy mercilessly. It was such a powerful scene. Now this tattoo takes that scene as inspiration. Here you get to see Envy’s fearful expression and his true puny form. It is especially impactful as the tattoo combines Colonel Mustang’s tearful expression.

25. Fullmetal Alchemist Back Tattoo

fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: Instagram (

It is only fitting that we end this list with this large tattoo design! If you dare to get a back tattoo, this one can be your alternative. It is very complex with detailed Ed and Al illustrations. There is also the portal in the center and the original homunculus in the flask. The iconic red seal on Al’s armor is the icing on the cake!

Can you combine elements from different Fullmetal Alchemist story arcs or characters to create a cohesive tattoo design? How?

Yes absolutely! You can start your tattoo with a character that you love the most. Then, you can expand it with other characters and symbolism to create a cohesive tattoo design. For instance, you can go with the good guy versus the bad guy tattoo. The Colonel Mustang versus Envy is such an example.

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You can also use the manga art and take scene from the story panels as tattoos. Our favorite character combination has to be Edward and Alphonse, the main characters themselves. The two brothers have incredible chemistry and badass design, making them the ideal tattoo inspiration. Creating a tattoo that tells a story certainly takes a long time and patience. You have to take it slowly for the best result!

Consultation with Artist 

Before you decide to get a Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo, it is best that you find a trusted artist first. A good tattoo artist will maintain hygiene and give you precise ink art that will look alive. You should also consult with them whether your design is feasible. Remember that you have to endure more pain if your tattoo is more complex!

Moreover, it’s important to choose a tattoo artist that understands Fullmetal Alchemist. An artist who is familiar with the story will be able to give you the best result. Consultation with an expert tattoo artist will allow you to learn about tattoo aftercare as well. It is an important step that you have to master so you don’t get an infection!

How can personal life philosophies or experiences be intertwined with ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ imagery in tattoo art? 

The core philosophy in Fullmetal Alchemist is the equivalent exchange law. In order to achieve something, you have to endure some hardship and make sacrifices. It is impossible to gain something without exerting effort! Fullmetal alchemist tattoo will remind you of this philosophy.

You may also be able to relate to some tattoo designs because of your personal experience. For example, the characters in the Fullmetal Series attempted human transmutation to revive their loved ones. Perhaps you’ve also lost one of your precious family members. A human transmutation circle will make a lovely tattoo to remind you of that memory!

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In Fullmetal Alchemist, the homunculus is the manifestation of the Seven Deadly Sins. There are Pride, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, and Greed. Now, you may also struggle to defeat your own inner sins. If so, you can get one of the homunculus tattoos to show that you are fighting your own struggle to control your inner sins!


Our list of Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo designs certainly reaches far and wide. From the characters of the series to the symbolism, we have included them all. However, these are but a fraction of the unlimited possibilities. The series offers a lot more stories and unique designs that you can use as tattoo inspiration.

We highly suggest that you go beyond and explore the Fullmetal Alchemist universe deeper! Find that alchemy symbol or a character that resonates with your soul! Once you have found that special design, etch it into your body to show your love for the story! Remember that Fullmetal Alchemist is not just a story but also a timeless masterpiece with many life lessons!

Question and Answers

Are Fullmetal Alchemist tattoos suitable for all genders?

Absolutely! Fullmetal Alchemist symbolisms, for example, are suitable for all genders. Furthermore, the series also features various characters from all genders! So, there are many elements from the series that you can use as your tattoo inspiration regardless of your gender.

How do different tattoo art styles (like traditional, minimalist, or watercolor) influence the portrayal of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ themes?

Traditional tattoo styles would emphasize the series’ characters. The bold lines and vibrant colors depict the moral dilemmas and equivalent exchange themes in the series! Minimalist designs might focus on iconic symbols like transmutation circles. It captures the essence of the series in a subtle yet meaningful way. Watercolor styles, with their flowing and vibrant colors, could convey the emotional depth of the narrative. It creates visually striking tattoos!

What role does color play in ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ tattoos, and how can color choice affect the tattoo’s symbolism and impact?

The color choice becomes can express the emotional depth of the narrative in Fullmetal Alchemist! A tattoo with color creates a dynamic and visual focus that embodies the highs and lows of the series. For instance,  a tattoo of a blood seal circle would look more impressive with red ink!

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