About Us

Ah, the teenage years - frightening, exciting, confusing, and important years! Remember when we were teenagers and we used to hate talking to our parents about everything? Well, now we are the parents… How do we talk to teenagers?

Hi, my name is Suzy Prichard and I have been a high school councilor for over 12 years now. I am also a parent to three marvelous children - who have all been through their rocky teenage years and come out of the other side.

Over the years, I have seen my fair share of teenage issues. I have also seen plenty of worried parents at a loss of what to do with their children.

There was a particular 14 year old boy that always stuck out in my mind when I was asked about my career. He would lash out at school and at home, being suspended plenty of times and his mother in pieces not knowing what to do with him.

Suzy Prichard

After many sessions together, we finally came to an agreement that the boy might be lacking enough attention at home after his parent’s divorce. We put a plan in place and I saw them every two weeks for a check in.

What stood out most to me was how much his demeanor changed within such a short amount of time. He was no longer angry and closed off, but a genuinely happy boy who loved family time.

So many people are quick to jump to the conclusion that teenagers are sullen, antisocial beings. But that’s just not true - most adults don’t know how to communicate with them. Instead of admitting this, however, they label the teenagers and paint them out to be the bad guys.

My aim with Talking Teenage is to put a stop to this and help you to communicate with your teenagers better. This will leave you with a better relationship and help you to keep such a close bond. Please take the time to read my website and learn anything you can - we were all teenagers once!