20 Fun Things to Do at Night in Boston with Family

Once the sun goes down, Boston extends its best night attractions to visitors of all ages. Maybe you are into signature foods; the city comes with a great selection of irresistible restaurants. A wide range of most fabulous bars is also available to stop by. Whether you are crazy about leading theater, top-notch live music performances, or adorable masterpieces, there are tons of fun things to do at night in Boston with family and peers.

Some notable museums in Boston are also open to the public after dark. Invite your family to see the collections of artworks while learning about the history of Boston vividly. Don’t sleep on the exceptional tour. Whether you like joining architectural, historical, crime, or ghost tours, the city is always in readiness. Let’s start having fun things to do at night with your family in Boston. Here are the top 20 fun things to do at night in Boston with family. Just enjoy and plan your visit!

1. Watch Sport Games at Fenway Park

things to do at night in boston with family
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Fenway Park is a perfect place to spend the nightlife with attractive and enjoyable sport games. It is home to Boston’s professional baseball team, the Red Sox. Invite your family to watch the baseball games and support the home teams to win every game. On a free schedule, the venue also presents the Fenway walking tour. The host invites you to explore the historical grounds of the stadium. Get an experience to have private tours of exclusive locations like the Hall of Fame, Trophy Case, Pavilion Club, and more. 

Besides baseball matches, a stadium is also a place for other events, from music concerts to soccer games. During the winter, the venue transforms into an ice skating rink for both professionals and the public. The place is attractive for allocating your nightlife with family. 

2. Eat at Faneuil Hall Marketplace

things to do at night in boston with family

If you are looking for the best places to eat, head to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It is one of the famous places located in Boston. Throughout the year, the market provides fun things to do after dark. Whether you are willing to indulge in the most delicious menus, shop for anything, or just walk around, the marketplace is on deck. Don’t miss catching a glimpse of the Boston skyline after dark. The place offers fun things to do at night in Boston with family. 

More than 70 vendors are up for grabs. An array of the best cuisines, including cannoli, ice cream, donuts, pizzas, hot dogs, bread bowls, cheese, and more, are always available for purchase. Invite your family and peers to have an unusual dining experience at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Get a taste of various menus at affordable prices. 

3. Dine in at the White Bull Tavern

things to do at night in boston with family
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Boston always offers the best family-friendly restaurants to serve the best menus; one is the White Bull Tavern. Located in the neighborhood of Faneuil Hall, the eatery provides exhaustive offerings you have never found before. Whether you are looking for special menus, joining pizza programs, enjoying sketch comedy, having karaoke, or following weekly events, the place is so inviting. 

Spend your nightlife savoring irresistible menus, such as Boston’s best lobsters, pizzas, burgers, gluten-free menus, and more. An array of fresh beverages are also up for grabs. You are free to sip an icy mojito, authentic wine, beer, and others. While eating and drinking, invite your family to have karaoke. Choose your favorite songs and sing along to the best hits. The White Bull Tavern is the perfect place to have fun things to do with your family.

4. Get high at The Skywalk Observatory

things to do at night in boston with family

When the sun goes down, it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy Boston’s skyline. You have a spectacular cityscape from the city’s best observatory deck, the Skywalk Observatory Deck. The venue is open to the public up to 10 pm. You can spend your nightlife having a bird’s-eye view of Boston after dark. 

Some of Boston’s iconic landmarks are easy to overlook. The observatory provides enjoyment if you see the Boston Common and Public Garden, Hancock Tower, the Charles River, Harvard University, and more. Besides offering the opportunity to have panoramic views, the venue also comes with the Dream of Freedom Museum. The museum shows the city’s storied past. You will understand the history of Boston, where people from around the world played essential roles in shaping the city.

5. Take Boston Historical Sightseeing Cruise

things to do at night in boston with family

Are you looking for fun things to do at night in Boston with family? Taking Boston’s historical sightseeing cruise is the best answer. Get the experience of breathtaking scenery and feel the fresh sea breeze during the trip. The 60-minute tour will provide a clear history of the city’s past and present. The Boston cruise is always inviting, whether you take a day or night tour. 

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Starting from the Long Wharf, the boat passes the iconic landmarks, including the USS Constitution, Old North Church, Bunker Hill Monuments, and other highlights. Of course, it will deliver a part of American history vividly. The expert narrators are pleased to present historical information like the local legends, heroic tales, and more. Delve deep into the city’s stories and histories by enjoying city sightseeing and listening to interactive narrators. Don’t worry! Snacks and beverages are always available on board. 

6. Adore Masterpieces at Museum of Fine Art

things to do at night in boston with family
source: bostonmagazine

The museum is a superb venue to spend your nights with your family. Invite them to adore masterpieces at the Museum of Fine Art. The site is open to the public at night on Thursday and Friday. The exhaustive collections around the world, including contemporary art, jewelry, Ancient Greece, and more, are on display for you to explore. Get ready to enjoy the educational programs and fantastic exhibitions. 

Whether you take kids and family programs, film, studio art classes, or revel in the special exhibits, the museum is a great place to allocate your nighttime. A diverse dining experience is also up for grabs. After walking through the museum, take your family to dine in a family-friendly cafeteria. Choose the special menus based on your budget and taste. The place always offers fun things to do after dark.

7. Ride a Horse and Buggy

things to do at night in boston with family

Let’s explore Boston by riding a horse and buggy. The city offers horse and carriage tours to delve deep into Boston romantically and uniquely. The horse rides run in the evening up to midnight. Invite your family to take a special tour of downtown Boston. Whether you choose a 20-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute tour, the horse and buggy tour should be on your itinerary.

Starting from Faneuil Hall, you can pass some iconic landmarks of Boston, like Post Office Square, the Financial District, Custom House Tower, and more. Make sure to book the tickets in advance. Don’t miss the exceptional tour with your family in Boston. Experience the fantastic horse tour if you are willing to do fun things in Boston.

8. Savor Pizza in Little Italy

things to do at night in boston with family

Call your family to taste slices of the best pizza in Little Italy, Boston. You can join a walking pizza tour to explore the most delicious pizza in the city. Significant pizzerias are always available for purchase. Whether you love tasting hot or sweet pizzas, the neighborhood is a better place to stop by. Get to know the city in a flavorful and fun way. 

While enjoying the trip, you can also gain historical information about the North End from the interactive tour guide. They will bring you to explore significant landmarks, including Old North Church, Paul Revere House, the USS Constitution, and more. Feel free to savor some pizza slices from well-known pizzerias. Just come and savor the pizza, as all pizzas are covered on the pizza tour. You also have an opportunity to visit the most popular bakery in the North End, Modern Pastry.

9. Join a Boston Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour

things to do at night in boston with family

If you find fun things to do at night in Boston with family, taking a Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour is a perfect option. The city comes with a great selection of haunted sights to seek. Come to join the impressive tour to get to the unknown haunted spots. The tour leader will take the members to the most legendary landmarks in Boston, such as the Massachusetts State House, the Boston Opera House, the Granary Burying Ground, and other spooky sights and hidden historical sites.

Whether you join a night or day tour, the ghost tour belongs to the fun things to do in the nightlife, with no exception. Invite your family to delve into the dark sides of Boston like locals do. Get a different experience by exploring the city in the dark. Of course, it creates an unforgettable moment in your life.

10. See Night Sky at Coit Observatory      

things to do at night in boston with family
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Spending the night sky at Coit Observatory is one of the fun things to do at night in Boston with family. Get the experience of having a free night stargazing through telescopes. You will have a closer look at the night sky. The venue is located at Boston University and is open to the public every Wednesday. Coit Observatory starts serving visitors at 8.30 pm during the summer and spring seasons and at 07.30 during the winter and fall. 

The seats are limited, and admission is free. You should have a reservation in advance. Book the free tickets every Thursday at 11 a.m. for the following Wednesday. Make sure to have the tickets before enjoying the night sky at the observatory. Just call your family to get high on the Coit Observatory.

11. See Spectacular Fireworks

things to do at night in boston with family
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Let’s get out to enjoy the spectacular fireworks in Boston. Located along the banks of the Charles River, join thousands of spectators to see the city’s best fireworks throughout the year. Sit down on the grassy lawn and grab the snacks while listening to the live music performance. An array of top-notch artists and musicians are on stage to present their greatest performances.

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The sparkling fireworks will light up Boston’s skyline to make the night. Make sure to capture the unforgettable moments. You can take selfie photos with dazzling fireworks as the background. Keep an eye on the firework schedule in Boston. Plan your visit to have the incredible nights in Boston. The night attraction never fails to deliver fun things for your family

12. Catch a Music Performance at the House of Blues

things to do at night in boston with family
source: bostondiscoveryguide

House of Blues always presents unrivaled performers and bands to make your night. The venue comes with live music performances for all genres, such as rock, blues, pop, soul, R&B, and more. Invite your family to have some fun at the family-friendly sites. With its powerful sound system and illuminating lighting, you are free to get a closer look at the performers on the stage.

More than 2,500 seats are on deck at their disposal. Grab a seat and enjoy the live music performances while snacking. The private lounge is also accessible for visitors who seek comfortable settings. Keep an eye on the live music schedule. Plan your visit with the family to have fun in one breath.

13. Have fun at Jillian’s Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge

things to do at night in boston with family

Located near Fenway Park, Jillian’s Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge is the best place to spend the night with your family. An array of special offerings are ready to play. Whether you love playing arcades, premium bowling, or billiards, the venue features complete and high-tech facilities. Just invite your family to compete in the fun games. All your needs are easy to approach. 

Besides serving a great selection of fun offerings, the venue also provides delicious cuisine and beverages. Get a taste of irresistible starters, including Esteban’s Nachos, French Fries, Boneless Bites, and more. Don’t miss tasting the signature pizzas, burgers, or gluten-free menus like no other. While playing premium billiards, you can bite into a slice of pizza. It is so amazing.

14. Eat Steak and Seafood at the Black Rose

things to do at night in boston with family

Taking a trip around Boston is incomplete without eating steak and seafood at the Black Rose. Located near Faneuil Hall, the eatery is welcoming. You can invite your family to savor authentic menus, from seafood to steak. The Irish pub also presents live music performances to create an enjoyable atmosphere after dark. The venue is also family-friendly. It is a perfect eatery whether you dine in or celebrate special occasions.

Start your meal by tasting incomparable sandwiches and burgers, such as Celtic chicken, lobster roll, pub burgers, and more. How about the entrees? You can order shepherd’s pie, banger and mash, grilled salmon, and more. The kid’s menu is also up for grabs. Take your siblings to have Kids Burger & Irish Chip, Grilled Cheese, and others. Best of all, the live music performance is present to entertain all visitors.

15. Shop at Boston Night Market

things to do at night in boston with family

Call your family to shop at The Boston Night Market if you are getting bored at night. The spot, inspired by the traditional Asian market, brings a new shopping experience to your life. Just come and have an adventure in Boston’s most extensive night marketplace. All you want is ready for purchase. Whether you are buying the yummy, good, or fun kinds of stuff, the marketplace is in place to serve. 

The place delivers happiness for visitors of all ages. The kids are able to purchase the lovely dolls. Teens and adults are also free to buy unique pieces of stuff at affordable prices. Don’t sleep on savoring the wide selection of yummy foods, including shaky crab, cultured tea-leaf, rice burg, and others. Some stuff is also available online. You can easily purchase your preferred choices. 

16. Admire illuminating lanterns at Franklin Park Zoo

things to do at night in boston with family
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Experience the Boston lights at the Franklin Park Zoo after dark. It is a great experience to explore a lot of sparkling lanterns. More than 55 marvelous lantern displays are in place to enjoy. Feel free to explore hundreds of crafted lanterns extending the park zoo’s 72 acres whether you are willing to find the best scenes, including traditional Asian lanterns, glowing corridors of bamboo and lotus, ocean displays with their creatures, and more. 

Check the schedule out to see when you have luminous and sparkling lanterns in Boston. Make sure to have a reservation in advance. It is an excellent attraction that you can visit with the family at night.

17. Have Escape games at Boda Borg

things to do at night in boston with family
source: yelp

Head to the city’s most popular gaming venue, Boda Borg. Spend the nightlife by getting experience of the questing. A team consists of 3-5 members to solve both physical and mental challenges. It is a splendid opportunity to work with your family to complete the game. Each quest comes with 2 or 5 different challenges. The quests can also be run in any location, such as outer space, an airplane, a house, a jungle, and other areas you can imagine. 

Before moving on to the following challenges, you should finish clearing the quests. The quests are periodically replaced to give a new experience. It guarantees that you will always have a new and fresh experience even though you have played before. The entertaining venue brings enjoyment to you at night with no special clothing, virtual reality, or video games. It is a pure questing game. 

18. Enjoy Shakespeare on the Common

things to do at night in boston with family
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Spending nightlife in Boston with the family will be perfect by taking joy in Shakespeare on the Common. It belongs to the city’s most exceptional outdoor theater performances on the Boston Common. During July and August, the host presents the classic stories of Shakespeare, including family loyalties, revenge, love, betrayal, and more. The Shakespearean play is on stage to make your night with the family. 

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All the plays are free to access. Get ready to pack a picnic, bring blankets, and grab your seat to enjoy the live theater performances. You will have new ways of thinking with Shakespeare’s thrilling languages and acts. Most of the live shows present tragic plays. However, some comedies are also present to entertain the visitors.

19. Let’s laugh at Improv Asylum

things to do at night in boston with family

If you are crazy about comedy, go on to enjoy sketch comedy and improvisation at Improv Asylum. It is a fantastic venue to allocate your night, with no exception. Located near Faneuil Hall, the venue is easy to access from wherever you come from. Whether you take public or personal transportation, the spot is accessible. 

An array of impressive comedy shows are in place to make you laugh. The notable performers are at their beck and call to present the great comedy shows you will never find in other venues. Inspired by the audience’s suggestions, the performers always deliver hilarious scenes. Even if you like watching musical comedy, sketch comedy, or improvisations, the comedy theater is in readiness to bring the best nighttime experience to your life. 

20. Get a Sunset Cruise at Boston Harbor

things to do at night in boston with family
source: getyourguide

When the sun goes down and the lights come to life, it is the right chance to explore the beauty of Boston. Taking a Boston sunset cruise is a great option. Enjoy fantastic scenery of the city’s skyline and cityscape from different angles. Call your family to thrill to the magnificent sunset on the boat. You will also be able to enjoy the unparalleled views of Boston’s most iconic buildings and attractions.  

The interactive tour leaders are also on deck to enrich your knowledge of the city’s history and landmarks. Bring your best camera to catch the sunset behind the city. Of course, it is incredible. Don’t miss sipping tasty beverages and grabbing snacks onboard. The bar is always available to serve the best offerings during your trip.

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