These 36 One-Piece Costumes for Teens Will Impress Your Otaku Friends!

Fans of manga and anime must be familiar with One Piece! This masterpiece by Eiichiro Oda has been sailing the seas of popularity for over two decades. The series features tons of cosplayable characters. Will you cosplay as Luffy, one of the Straw Hat pirates, or maybe even Buggy the Clown? We have gathered the most impressive One Piece costumes for teens like yourself to try!

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One Piece has such a massive cast of characters with unique design. In fact, there are over 1,000 named characters in this series! Each one of them has their own power and technique. So, picking a specific character to cosplay can be daunting. Our list comprising 35 One Piece costumes suitable for teens will help you decide!

Surprising Facts about One Piece Popularity

Surprising Facts about One Piece Popularity
Surprising Facts about One Piece Popularity

Before we get down to business, let’s discuss why you should cosplay as characters in One Piece! And if you’re new to this series, you will be surprised by how popular One Piece is.

One Piece follows the epic journey of  Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat pirates, as they sail the treacherous sea of Grand Line in search of a mythical treasure. Whoever conquers the sea and finds the elusive treasure, known as One Piece, hence the series title, will become the next pirate king. 

Luffy’s adventure is not always fun and game, however. There are many challenges, conspiracies, tragedies, and enemies to overcome. Yet, Luffy, with the help of his friends’ help, is getting closer each day to realizing his dream of becoming the freest Pirate King!

The story of Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates crews has captivated billions of fans worldwide. The allure of the mysterious treasure and the age of piracy are irresistible! The combination of unique art style, grand world-building, and well-written characters have created this magnum opus. The lore is so profound, and the world of the One Piece universe is alive!

Over 500 million copies of One Piece have been sold worldwide, making it the No.1 top-selling manga of all time. In fact, it has surpassed Batman and, arguably, even Superman

And not just the manga and anime, even its recently aired live-action adaption has made a gigantic wave on Netflix, surpassing big series like Stranger Things and Wednesday. And that’s why if you want to cosplay for a comic book convention or next Halloween, consider these One Piece costume ideas for teens!

Trendy One Piece Costumes for Teenagers

Now, let’s check out our list of the best One Piece costumes for teenagers! Which character do you want to be? We have them all, from supporting characters like Mihawk, the ridiculously strong Admirals, to Straw Hat themselves!

1. Luffy Set Costume

one piece costume for teens
Luffy Set Costume

Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat pirate, has finally reached the final leg of his journey to become the Pirate King. He is a Yonkou now, one of the four sea emperors! His design has evolved throughout the years. However, you can always go right with the classic look! Get the iconic red vest, a straw hat, his short pants, and a sandal! Draw a scar on your cheek, and you’re set to go. Do not forget your Gomu Gomu catchphrase!

2. Roronoa Zoro New World Costume Set

one piece costume for teens
Roronoa Zoro New World Costume Set

As the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirate, Zoro’s loyalty to his captain is indisputable. He will not hesitate to set aside his ambition to become the strongest swordsman if it is for Luffy! The former pirate hunter Zoro is undoubtedly a formidable character. So, we recommend that you try Zoro’s New World costume. This green outfit is unquestionably cool! Get three katana to highlight Zoro’s Santoryu sword style and his iconic black bandana.

3. Sanji Vinsmoke Costume

Sanji Vinsmoke Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Luz Vanessa)

Black Leg Sanji has to be the most chivalrous and elegant member of the Straw Hat Pirates! His iconic costume consists of a blue formal shirt, a tie, and an all-black double-breasted suit. He usually also wears black boots and black slim-fit formal long pants. You can incorporate blond hair, curly eyebrows, and a cigarette to emulate the Straw Hat Pirates cook!

4. Nami Netflix Costume

one piece costume for teens
Nami Netflix Costume

For ladies who need One Piece teen fashion costumes, we recommend this super cute Nami t-shirt! The costume set is accurate, featuring the white v-neck t-shirt adorned with blue lines. It also comes with her orange mini skirt, faithful to her classic pre-time skip looks! As the Straw Hat pirate navigator, she wields a powerful Clima-Tact staff!

5. Usopp Soge King Costume

Usopp Soge King Costume
Source: Pinterest (

Cosplaying as Usopp may be challenging! You’d have to emulate his comically long nose. So we recommend getting the Soge King mask instead, which already has a long nose carved in! Soge King is Usopp’s braver alternate persona that appears during the Ennies Lobby arc. As the sniper king of the Straw Hat Pirates, he wields a sling slot. So, you should get one, too, to complement your costume set. Of course, the red cape is also a must for Soge King!

6. Chopper Furry Costume!

one piece costume for teens
Chopper Furry Costume!

The most adorable crew of the Straw Hat Pirates! Even though Chopper is not human, he is the kindest and among the smartest in the series. And despite his look, Chopper is actually a doctor and fierce fighter! You’ll need his trademark hat with the reindeer antler to cosplay as Chopper. Get yourself a furry suit and hooves gloves to complement your appearance. Don’t forget to paint your nose blue!

7. Nico Robin Cosplay Set

Nico Robin Cosplay Set
Source: Pinterest (

Here is a daring One Piece costume idea that shows off your skin tastefully! Try Nico Robin’s outfit post-time skip! During the Straw Hat reunion arc in the Sabody Archipelago, you will notice that Robin has a more relaxed outfit. Get the blue mini jacket top and floral wrap skirt to imitate her looks! A pair of green shades will complete the set.

8. Franky Hawaiian Red Shirt Costume

one piece costume for teens
Franky Hawaiian Red Shirt Costume

Franky, the eccentric weapon expert of the Straw Hat pirates, is a cyborg! As the designer of Sunny Go, the crew’s ship, his skill is peerless. He is the only one who can build Pluton, a mysterious ancient weapon. To emulate Franky, you must rock his red Hawaiian floral shirt. You’ll also have to go only with your underwear (use a skin suit so you do not expose yourself!). Use aluminum foil for your nose to add the cyborg-look detail!

9. Brook Skeleton Costume Set

Brook Skeleton Costume Set
Source: Pinterest (

Brook is no ordinary skeleton! He is the mighty musician of the Straw Hat Pirates who also has formidable fencing skills. Despite his eerie appearance, Brook is actually funny! His latest exploits include a duel against Big Mom, a Yonkou, which makes him absolutely crazy. For the next Halloween, instead of doing your usual skeleton dance, we recommend Brook instead, playing Bink’s Sake on your violin or piano.

10. Jinbe Kimono Costume

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (

You must not become a Fishman to rock Jinbe’s cool look! Get yourself his trademark Kimono with a square pattern. Also, wear a geta, Japanese wooden sandals, to complete the outfit. True to his nicknameKnight of The Sea, Jinbe is a formidable addition to the Straw Hat Pirates. His Fisman Karate is unquestionably strong. Jinbei is a man among men, fearless, chivalrous, and loyal only to his captain! 

11. Shanks Costume Set

Shanks Costume Set
Shanks Costume Set

The last Yonkou from the older generation, Shanks, is an overwhelmingly one-armed solid swordsman! He is the former owner of the straw hat and the one who inspires Luffy to become a pirate. Eustass Kidd, Luffy’s rival, challenged him and lost instantly. So it’s no wonder that the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates is super popular. To emulate Shank’s costume, Get yourself a black cape and his white shirt. Do not forget the sword!

12. Luffy Gear 5 Costume

one piece costume for teens
Luffy Gear 5 Costume

The warrior of liberation, Luffy’s Gear 5 is the peak of his devil fruit ability! The power is so goofy yet ridiculously overpowered, allowing Luffy to maximize his rubber ability. Even Kaido, in his dragon mode, could not stand against Luffy’s might! Instead of the usual red vest, Luffy’s costume becomes all white in this mode. You can easily imitate this look! Dye your white hair and get cotton accessories to wrap around your body for that Sun God Nica appearance.

13. Coby Marine Uniform

Coby Marine Uniform
Source: Pinterest (@༺ᒪI ᒪIᑎᕼ❣ᵛᶰシ)

Coby is one of the first significant side characters whom Luffy met in the part of the series! He has grown so much, from the weakling crybaby to the hero of the Marine! As the apprentice of Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, Coby has mastered super powerful punching techniques. To Cosplay as Coby, you will need his white Marine uniform, blue sailor tie, and iconic marine coat. You will also need a pair of round glasses and Coby’s flowery bandana for a more authentic costume!

14. Roronoa Zoro Samurai Uniform

one piece costume for teens
Roronoa Zoro Samurai Uniform

During the Wano arc, every member of the Straw Hat pirates wears kimonos! It is especially fitting for Zoro because he is a swordsman, and he gets to wear a samurai costume. You get to wear a Japanese green robe and a white kimono lined with a blue pattern to emulate the look. During this part of the story, Zoro receives a legendary sword, Enma, which could cut even hell itself!

15. Trafalgar Law Cosplay Costume Coat

Trafalgar Law Cosplay Costume Coat
Trafalgar Law Cosplay Costume Coat

Trafalgar D. Law is among the most fantastic pirates in One Piece! His sharp demeanor and stylish design certainly warrant his popularity. Law is also strong, rivaling even Luffy! The two would later join an alliance to defeat Joker, Big Mom, and Kaido! We recommend Law’s oversized black coat with the Heart Pirate pattern, as seen during the Punk Hazard arc. Of course, his trademark spotty white hat and large katana will complete the set!

16. Nami Blue Dress

one piece costume for teens
Nami Blue Dress

One of the strongest appeals of One Piece is its everchanging character costumes. The story becomes more refreshing because, in each chapter, we get to see the characters in a new outfit. This time, we present you with Nami’s blue dress costume! This dress appeared during the Whole Cake Island, as the crews tried to rescue Sanji. You’ll look wildly dashing in this outfit if you dye your hair blond like hers.

17. Eustass Kid Costume Idea

Eustass Kid Costume Idea
Source: Pinterest (@joonece)

For teens who want to rock a punk pirate look, you should choose the Eustass Kid costume! Like Luffy, Kid is also part of the Worst Generation. His magnetic power is so extraordinary. Captain Kid can even create gigantic metal arms and shoot rail guns! You should get his furry coat and a black buttoned T-shirt with double belts around the waist to emulate his look. 

18. Portgas D. Ace Costume

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (

Ace, Luffy’s sworn brother, is our favorite character! His death was one of the saddest and most impactful moments in anime and manga history. If you love Ace like we do, you should consider wearing his costume to keep his blazing spirit alive! To recreate Ace’s look faithfully, you’ll have to get his iconic cowboy hat and black short pants with a large A belt! You can also incorporate a coat with flamming patterns to capture Ace’s fire devil fruit power.

19. Dracule Mihawk Costume

Dracule Mihawk Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Cruz3N)

The strongest swordsman who wields the great sword, Yoru, Mihawak, is undoubtedly such a charismatic character. His prowess has been acknowledged by formidable characters like Shanks and is feared by the World Government. The former Warlord is now part of the Cross Guild, creating a new storyline that we can’t wait to see! You can imitate his Dracula-like appearance with a gothic overvest, white pants with a slim cut, and a large black hat.

20. Classic Usopp Costume Idea

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (…)

Previously, we mentioned Usopp with his Soge King mask. Now, for variation, we recommend his maskless costume! You can go with Usopp’s iconic overall and orange pants. If you want to emulate Usopp’s New World look, you’ll need a hat, his goggles, and a headphone.

21. Sanjit Wanted Costume Idea

Sanjit Wanted Costume Idea
Sanjit Wanted Costume Idea

All of our One Piece costume ideas have been quite authentic so far. If you want to be more playful, you can try this one! Turn yourself into a Sanji-wanted poster! With a box over your head, your face will become the 3-D wanted poster! Make sure you dress all-black like Sanji and do not forget the cigarette.

22. Female Roronoa Zoro Costume

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (

While Zoro is a man, that fact should not stop you, ladies, from cosplaying as him! Here, we have a costume idea that would suit your beautiful figure. If Zoro turns into a girl, she’d be as cute as the picture above! Go with the kimono that Zoro wears during the Wano arc. Do not forget his iconic red Haramaki bellyband and carry three swords to complete the set. 

23. Doflamingo Costume Set

Doflamingo Costume Set
Source: Pinterest (@Anafaure)

Among the seven pirate Warlords, Doflaming, a.k.a Joker, has to be the most vicious! His string devil fruit power allows him to manipulate his opponents. He is also cruel and cunning. You can easily imitate his flamboyant look by wearing a pink fluffy boa scarf! Wear an unbuttoned shirt, and do not miss the iconic glasses!

24. Buggy the Clown Costume

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (@mia)

Buggy is the epitome of falling upward! Despite his incompetence, he rises through the ranks, becoming one of the Emperors! It’s definitely one of the funniest events ever in One Piece. Though, secretly, Buggy may have what it takes: a strong will to compete to become the Pirate King. In the recent Netflix adaptation, however, Buggy looks more sinister. And we highly recommend that you emulate his appearance from the live show.

25. Yamato Kimono Outfit

Yamato Kimono Outfit
Yamato Kimono Outfit

Since her first introduction in Wano, Yamato has become very popular among fans! If you are one of the ladies who want to cosplay as her, we recommend this sleeveless kimono outfit. It comes with a waist rope sash, as seen in the series. Get yourself a pair of horns as well to complete the set!

26. Enel Costume Outfit

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (@The Odor)

We believe that God Enel is one of the most underrated characters of One Piece! His overwhelmingly powerful electric devil fruit was only lost to Luffy’s rubber body. Appears during one of the most dreamy arcs, the Skypie, Enel certainly leaves a lasting impression on his fans. You’d need the halo adorned with tomoe patterns to get an accurate look for the outfit!

27. Smoker Costume

Smoker Costume
Smoker Costume

Vice Admiral Smoker’s sense of duty is unparalleled! He is the first Marine officer whom Luffy could not beat. Smoker mows down pirates easily with the smoke devil fruit power and his iconic Jitte staff. Smoker’s costume consists of an unbuttoned white Marine uniform and coat with blue pants. You’ll need his shades and a cigar to accurately capture his appearance!

28. Crocodile Shicibukai Costume

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (

One of the founding leaders of the Cross Guild, Crocodile’s infamy has spread far and white across the New World. He used to be a Shicibukai and the former leader of the Baroque Works who wreaked havoc in Arabasta. His costume is iconic with his furry long coat and golden hook hand! For the inner top, under the skin, he occasionally wears a shirt with a large square pattern.

29. Bon Clay Mister 2 Costume

Bon Clay Mister 2 Costume
Source: Pinterest (

Even though Bon Clay used to be a member of the evil Baroque Works, he becomes Luffy’s close friend! Both characters love to goof around, forming a solid bond. In fact, Bon-chan, as he’s called by Luffy, was willing to sacrifice his freedom so Luffy could escape danger, not once but twice! His costume is flamboyant, with circus pants, a white cape, and a blue shirt with oversized collars. On his back, there are two swan accessories!

30. Bartholomew Kuma

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (

Despite his adorable bear-like appearance, Kuma is ridiculously dangerous. He was among the seven pirate warlords, but the World Government turned him into a cyborg. His Paw-Paw devil fruit is deceptively powerful, capable of sending his opponents flying and creating large explosions. To capture his look, you will need Kuma’s trademark shirt, with a large target mark pattern, adorned with paw prints. You’ll also need his iconic bear-eared hat!

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31. Perona Adorable Costume

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Nell Uchiha)

If you ask us which One Piece character has the most adorable outfit, it has to be Perona! She’s a subordinate of Gecko Moria, a prominent antagonist of the Thriller Bark arc. Her outfit comprises a cute white crop top and a fluffy red coat. The pink ribbon bow tie and the double pigtail are also for a more authentic look! We also recommend wearing thigh-high black and white striped socks and long boots in red!

32. Shirahosi Mermaid Costume

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Louco Diamante)

The most beautiful deep sea dweller, Shirahosi, is the mermaid princess of Fishman Island. While she is usually quite meek, Shirahosi is very strong and kind. She also secretly holds an ancient power of Poseidon, capable of destroying the world! If you want to become Shirahosi, you’ll need a bikini top with golden glitter. You’ll also need the red and white scally mermaid tail!

33. Fleet Admiral Akainu Costume Set

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (

Perhaps the strongest Marine in the One Piece series, Akainu is feared by all pirates. He is the one who ended Ace’s life, making him quite hated among fans. His magma power is too overwhelming. Akainu’s outfit consists of the regular Marine white overcoat. However, unlike most officers, instead of wearing a white uniform, he wears a red outfit under the coat. Even his pants are red, too! You’ll need a Marine hat to complete the costume set.

34. Katakuri Outfit

one piece costume for teens
Katakuri Outfit

As the right-hand man of the Big Mom Pirates, Katakuri’s Mochi power is formidable, rivaling even Luffy’s rubber power! His mastery of Observation Haki allows him to see into the future, making him tricky to beat! We recommend the ragged scarf that usually covers Katakuri’s mouth to emulate his costume set. You can also wear a torn leather vest, dark gloves, and slim-cut pants. Add accessories like a belt with a skull-shaped buckle and spiked boots!

35. Boa Hancock Costume Set

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (

Here is one of the most suitable One Piece teen costumes you should try! Boa Hancock is the most beautiful pirate empress in the series! Her beauty, combined with her power, will petrify whoever dares to defy her. She is often depicted as wearing a revealing V-necked red blouse and waist wrap skirt. The costume will be suitable for girls who dare to show more skin!

36. Tashigi Marine Costume

one piece costume for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Cruz3N)

To finish our list of One Piece Costumes for teens, we recommend this unique Tashigi costume! However, this one differs from usual Tashigi’s feminine marine look. It’s from when Law switched her personality with Smoker during the Punk Hazard fiasco! You’ll need a flowery red Hawaiian shirt and the standard marine office white coat to get the same appearance. You’ll also need a pair of glasses to capture her nerdy charm!


Our list of 36 One Piece costumes for teens we’ve explored here is not just about looking stylish! They’re an homage to the creativity that the One Piece series has inspired countless fans. Whether it’s reminiscent of Luffy’s iconic straw hat or Buggy’s quirky clown looks, you just have to pick one that resonates with you!

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After all, fashion and cosplay offer a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between fiction and reality. Through your One Piece costume choices and the artistry of cosplay, you can step into the shoes of your favorite One Piece characters! So, which one is your favorite One Piece costume? Let us know!

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Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Who is the prettiest girl in One Piece?

Canonically, Boa Hancock is the most beautiful pirate in One Piece. However, the answers will be much more diverse regarding fans’ favorites. Which one is the pretties, in your opinion? Is it Robin, Nami, Tashigi, or even Yamato? Tell us your pick!

Who is the cutest in One Piece?

Our writer thinks that Chopper is the cutest character in One Piece. The little fluffy reindeer is so endearing and looks like a plushie! However, your mileage may vary, and the answer depends on you. One Piece has such a massive, diverse character selection, and each one of them has its own fan base!

How can teens accessorize their One Piece costumes to stand out at events or gatherings?

Attention to detail is very important if you want to stand out at an event! You need to ensure that the costume set you’ve selected is authentic to the original design. However, not just that! You also need to bring props like swords or weapons unique to the character. A deeper understanding of the characters, including knowing their catchphrases, is also important!

What are teens’ potential challenges when selecting the right fit for One Piece costumes?

One Piece character designs can sometimes be very quirky and out of this world. It can be pretty hard to imitate. Finding authentic costumes to faithfully replicate the show is also tricky. Luckily, with enough creativity, you can make your own accurate costumes and accessories!

How do One Piece costumes for teens differ across various cultures or regions globally?

One Piece has such a massive world-building and characters. According to the creator, Oda, he uses the real-world equivalent of ethnicity when he designs a character. For example, Luffy is Brazilian, Chopper is Canadian, Zoro is Japanese, and so on! By considering the character’s ethnicity, you can adjust your costume to be culturally appropriate.

Are there any DIY ideas or tutorials for making a One Piece costume for teenagers?

Yes! Fans page on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit usually offer great resources when it comes to One Piece DIY costumes. You can also check out YouTube channels that provide costume-making tutorials, like this one!

How do I care for and maintain my teen’s One Piece costume to ensure longevity?

One Piece costume usually comes from polyester material. They can be quite fragile, and the color might fade if you wash them too hard. We recommend you clean them carefully, dry them away from the indirect sun, and hang them properly!

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