30 Incredible One Piece Tattoo For Teens to Get Before the Next Comic-Con

You cannot overstate the significance of One Piece tattoos for young fans! This series has been going on for decades and mesmerizes fans from all generations. As a result, the character designs have inspired fans to turn them into tattoos! If you are looking for your first One Piece tattoo for teens, look no further than our list below!

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One Piece’s incredible art turns it into a source of teen tattoo inspiration! These One Piece tattoos are not only exciting to look at, but they also tell a story and hold a deeper meaning. After all, the characters and the scenes from this series can be touching and contain a lot of symbolism. So, here are some incredible One Piece tattoos for teens that you should consider!

1. One Piece Mugiwara Straw Hat Symbol

One Piece Mugiwara Straw Hat Symbol
One Piece Mugiwara Straw Hat Symbol

Let’s start our list with the iconic Straw Hat symbol! If you really want a One Piece for your first tattoo, Luffy’s Jolly Roger can be a start. The skull-wearing straw hat has become a big deal in the One Piece universe as Luffy and his pirate crews grow more notorious. It symbolizes Luffy’s determination to fulfill his dream to become the pirate king. It also represents freedom and adventure, making the Mugiwara Straw Hat symbol a fitting tatto for teens.

2. Nami’s Arlong Pirate Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Nami’s Arlong PirateTattoo

You will notice that Nami has a tatto on her left shoulder. If you are a fan of the One Piece series, you will understand that her tatto is a big deal. Before she joins Luffy’s Straw Hat pirate, she sacrifices her freedom to be part of the vicious Arlong Fishman Pirates. The tatto on her shoulder was a grim reminder that she was practically a slave. It was pretty gloomy before she met Luffy. Now, if you want to cosplay as Nami, this temporary Arlong Pirate tatto can be a good prop for you!

3. Zoro Tattoo Idea

Zoro Tattoo Idea
Source: Instagram (@jrd.ink)

As the most badass member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro has many fans! If you are one of them, consider immortalizing your love for him with this tatto. It’s incredibly detailed, showing Zoro with his three swords out. Zoro’s character is the embodiment of loyalty and bravery. Having him as a tatto on your body will declare your wild side.

4. Monkey D. Luffy Gear 5 Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Instagram (@viniciusfmenoli)

Luffy’s Gear 5th revelation is one of the most significant moments in anime history! It is the culmination of his power, and it’ll be hard to top. The Gear 5th mode is not all about its firepower but also its flexibility. It grants Luffy the ability to fight freely and happily! So, this Gear 5 tattoo inspiration will fit you if you are also all about freedom. Let the Gear 5th’s drum of liberation resonate within your heart, too!

5. Luffy’s Scar Tattoo

Luffy’s Scar Tattoo
Luffy’s Scar Tattoo

Scars are technically intentional tattoos, reminders of a painful past! And Luff’s chest scar perhaps holds the most painful and the saddest memories of all. It is a permanent reminder of Ace’s death and bitter defeat in the Marineford arc. Hence, this temporary Luffy’s chest scar tattoo has a significant meaning among fans. If you want to cosplay as Luffy, this tattoo will also be useful!

6. Tony Tony Chopper Adorable Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Mami pins)

Chopper is more than just a mascot character! He is also kind and intelligent, and you can rely on him. Chopper is also the embodiment of innocence and intellect. Our cute human reindeer has an adorable look that will heal your broken heart! So, if you want the best One Piece tattoo designs for teenagers, you should consider Chopper’s illustration.  

7. Going Merry Tattoo

Going Merry Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoo2me Tatuagem)

Going Merry is Luffy’s first proper pirate ship! She’s reliable despite her size. No seas Merry could not sail, and she could even fly to the Sky Island! Alas, Luffy’s adventure with Merry has to be cut short. Now, if you are a big fan of this cute ship, you should consider Going Merry even as a temporary tattoo. This tattoo idea is incredibly unique because it combines Going Merry and the famous Hokusai wave painting!

8. Devil Fruit Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Ranker.com)

Do you need a subtle One Piece tattoo idea? Try the devil fruit symbol tattoo! Instead of a character tattoo that can be too over the top, the devil fruit is covert. Yet, even though it’s not flashy, it’s meaningful, especially to the fans. According to the story, each devil fruit is only one of its kind. That’s why a devil fruit is unique, representing only one character at a time. So, instead of getting Luffy’s tatto, we highly recommend Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi, which means him!

9. Portgas D. Ace Back Tattoo

Portgas D. Ace Back Tattoo
Portgas D. Ace Back Tattoo

Ace’s death, especially, was among the most impactful moments in anime and manga. After all, he was an important character: Luffy’s sworn brother. But he’s also a proud member of the White Beard Pirates. Now, as a fan, to keep Ace’s memory alive, you may consider this temporary back tattoo! It is Shirohige’s Jolly Roger, with the cross and mustached skull. We recommend it as your back tattoo, as it symbolizes Ace’s pride, absolute strength, and bravery.

10. Luffy’s Happy Expression

one piece tattoo for teens
Portgas D. Ace Back Tattoo

Luffy’s cheerful expression is one of the reasons why he is so popular! His laugh and antics always bring joy to us, his fans. He should presumably be the incarnation of the legendary Joy Boy. Therefore, this Luffy tattoo design that features him smiling widely is very enticing to get! You can use the illustration above to inspire a forearm or ankle tattoo. This tattoo will symbolize positivity and a cheerful vibe, just like Luffy always is!

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11. Trafalgar D. Water Law Tattoo Sticker

Trafalgar D. Water Law Tattoo Sticker
Trafalgar D. Water Law Tattoo Sticker

Law is the coolest side character in One Piece! His character design includes cool tattoos all over his hands. There is the iconic DEATH tattooed on his fingers. And then, on the back of his hand, you can see the Heart Pirates symbol. Law’s Jolly Roger is subtle and stylish, with the absence of menacing skulls, making it an excellent tatto design. And here, for you who want to imitate Law’s style, we have temporary tattoos for you to try!

12. Doflamingo Donquixote Arm Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Caslu.ttt)

One Piece is loveable not only because of their heroes but also because of the villains! So, it’s not surprising if some of you want to have One Piece tattoos for teens that feature the bad guy. Among the antagonists, Doflamingo is a very formidable character. He’s flamboyant and stylish with his iconic boa, yet strong. And he is also super cunning! And above all, he is the mastermind. If you resonate with Doflamingo’s character, a temporary tattoo of his likeness on your shoulder would not be a bad idea!

13. Emotional Robin Tattoo

Emotional Robin Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Kat)

Robin has to be the most complex female character in the One Piece universe. Her tragic backstory, then her redemption arc, certainly will leave you emotional. Her character peaked during the Ennies Lobby arc, where she tried to sacrifice herself for the crew. This tattoo takes inspiration from that vibrant scene. Robin has only known suffering since her childhood. Yet here, she finally finds her will to live. The uplifting tattoo is a good idea for you!

14. Luffy and Zoro Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Joe Onerd)

There is a reason why Zoro is Luffy’s first mate! The two have similar traits and love solving everything with might and power. Even their combined attacks are powerful enough to destroy the Aqua Laguna tsunami. Their chemistry is very tight, like brothers. More importantly, Zoro will lay down his life for his captain. The brotherhood relationship between the two inspires this incredible tattoo. Try it for your temporary arm tattoo!

15. Brook Skull Tattoo

Brook Skull Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest)

Brook, with his skeleton appearance, is definitely very tattooable! As the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates, Brook always brings joy to the crew. Even though he is technically already dead once, his outlook in life is always so positive. He loves to joke around, too, in contrast to his grim appearance. This is why Brook will be a good tattoo material for you! He symbolizes positivity, no matter how bad it gets!

16. Vinsmoke Sanji Tatoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Raissa)

Sanji is the most chivalrous character in One Piece! He always respects women, even if she is an enemy, and would fight anyone who dares to lay a hand on girls. Now, if you are inspired to be as cool as Sanji, this tattoo is the one. It shows Sanji smoking and smiling, which means that he’s about to get serious!

17. Nami Pinwheel Tangerine Tattoo

Nami Pinwheel Tangerine Tattoo
Nami Pinwheel Tangerine Tattoo

As mentioned, Nami has a tattoo on her left shoulder. Before she joins the Straw Hat pirates, her tattoo represents sadness. Once Luffy defeated Arlong pirates, Nami decided to change her tattoo, which symbolizes hope and love. The pinwheel design means Genzo, a father figure to Nami. Then, there is also the tangerine, which represents Bellemere, her mother figure. It’s aesthetically pleasing, so you must try it with this temporary tattoo!

18. Franky Arm Star Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Pedro Lucas Sousa Vaz)

Franky is such a resourceful character. He is the true definition of an engineer and shipbuilder! His creativity has allowed him to create powerful weapons that support the Straw Hats. When Franky joins his gigantic robotic arms together, you will see a star pattern. This tattoo takes inspiration from that pose. It represents boldness and manliness, just like how Franky is!

19. Usopp Tattoo

Usopp Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Everton Souza)

Even though Usopp is a scaredy-cat sometimes, he will not abandon his friends! Usopp’s aspiration to be a brave warrior of the sea is commendable. While some fans say that Usopp is a coward, he is relatable. After all, we, too, have our own fears, which is okay. What’s important is to keep moving forward despite the fears! This is why the Usopp tattoo can be very inspiring. You should try it with a temporary one first!

20. Jinbe Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@deviantart.com)

In today’s age, racial discrimination is an important issue. The Jinbe tattoo can make a strong statement! Like in the real world, you can find discrimination even in the One Piece universe. There is prejudice against Fishmen people, and the story can be quite heartbreaking. Yet, Jinbe, with his strength and wisdom, wants to change that. This is why his design can become a good, meaningful tattoo that you should try!

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21. Trafalgar D. Water Law Heart Tattoo

Trafalgar D. Water Law Heart Tattoo
Trafalgar D. Water Law Heart Tattoo

We’ve established that Law is one of the coolest supporting characters in One Piece earlier! He is also a tattoo-loving person. On his chest, you will see the Heart Pirates symbol. Hardcore fans will tear up knowing why Law chose a heart design as his Jolly Roger. His back story involving Corazon (his name translates to heart in Portuguese) is the reason why! Despite Law’s rough and cruel outside demeanor, he is a kind person inside. So, if you want to cosplay as Law accurately, get this tattoo! 

22. Ace Funny Arm Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Ace Funny Arm Tattoo

Ace probably has the funniest tattoo among One Piece characters! Looking closely at his shoulder, you will see a tattoo of his name. But instead of Ace, it was initially spelled out as Ase! And because it was wrong, the “s” had to be crossed out! Now, Ace’s tattoo error is a reminder that you have to think thoroughly before you get a permanent tattoo. You must ensure the design is correct! Fortunately, though, the Ace shoulder tattoo we recommend above is temporary!

23. Luffy Gigant Pistol Punch Tattoo

Luffy Gigant Pistol Punch Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoodo)

Tattoos are getting more and more creative each day! This time, we get a tattoo of Luffy performing his 3rd Gear technique, Gigant Pistol! This is special because it considers your real fist in the design. It illuminates that your hand is part of Luffy’s giant punch! 

24. Luffy Wanted Poster Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

Of course, as the captain, Luffy is the most popular character! His simplicity and kindness, always true to himself, is refreshing. Luffy’s love for adventure and pursuit of his dream will inspire every fan! This is why we recommend Luffy’s wanted poster as your tattoo. Even though he is a wanted man now, Luffy’s always smiling.

25. Straw Hat Pirates Tattoo for your Spine!

Straw Hat Pirates Tattoo for your Spine!
Source: Pinterest (@onepiecetattoos)

Here is the ultimate One Piece tattoo for teens! Each crewmember, from Luffy to Jinbe, is present in this spine tattoo design. While the style is minimalist, it’s very well done. Fans of One Piece know that Straw Hat is the backbone of their fandom!

26. Ace Fire Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest)

Ace is insanely powerful! His devil fruit, the Mera Mera no Mi, grants him the power of fire. He can turn his body into flame and shoot fires to defeat enemies. His iconic move is the Hi Ken, the fire fist, capable of destroying several battleships in one punch! Now that Ace is dead, only his memory remains. As a fan, you must remember him by immortalizing him as a tattoo!

27. Zoro vs Hawk Eyes Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

This tattoo takes inspiration from the first duel of Zoro versus Hawk Eyesl. You can see Zoro’s intense stare and the reflection of Hawk Eyes on his sword. The fight was undoubtedly legendary, even though it was one-sided. It established Hawk Eyes’ overwhelming power and Zoro’s long path to becoming the strongest swordsman. It really is a cool One Piece tattoo!

28. White Beard Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Stéfane pai ❤️)

Edward New Gate, a.k.a. White Beard, was the strongest man in the One Piece universe. He possessed power enough to destroy islands! As a former Yonko, he commanded a great pirate crew, feared worldwide. If you admire his strength, a tattoo of White Beard on your shoulder blade can be interesting. Not only power, but this White Beard tattoo can also symbolize pride!

29. Kaido Dragon Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Instagram (@agusto.jpg)

Kaido is Luffy’s strongest nemesis to date! His overwhelming power certainly earned him a nickname as the strongest creature in the world. Kaido can turn into a gigantic Chinese dragon, capable of wiping out an entire fleet in one attack. Even Luffy almost died several times fighting him. This is why this Kaido dragon tattoo will look incredible on your shoulder. It represents the ultimate strength and your wild beast within.

30. Straw Hat Pirates Sleeve Tattoo

one piece tattoo for teens
Source: Pinterest (@Vanessa)

If you want the best One Piece Tattoo for teens that covers all the bases, this is the one! This tattoo sleeve features the Straw Hat Pirates crew in a detailed style. If you want to get this masterpiece on your body, you have to be patient. After all, a tattoo sleeve can take months or even years to complete. This design will be suitable for your leg. Getting this tattoo is the ultimate proof that you are a true One Piece fan!

Tattoo aftercare for teens

After you’ve got a permanent tattoo, it’s essential to apply some aftercare. Your skin is raw and delicate, so you must be careful. The following tattoo aftercare for young skin will help your One Piece tattoo to set in properly and reduce some pain!  

1. Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare

one piece tattoo for teens
Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare

Once you’ve finished your One Piece tattoo, the Hustle Butter tattoo aftercare will be your best friend! Reviews indicate that this cream works well on healing tattoos. Moreover, professionals also use it. Plus, this aftercare is vegan and uses only natural ingredients! It is no surprise that this product is Amazon’s best seller!

2. Elaimei Tattoo Aftercare Butter Balm

one piece tattoo for teens
Elaimei Tattoo Aftercare Butter Balm

This tattoo butter is super easy to apply because of its handy container. You can use it like how you use deodorant. It’s incredibly smooth and soothing. It can relieve swelling, pain, and redness, which is perfect after you’ve just got your first One Piece tattoo. This cream is also suitable for all skin types and can enhance old tattoos!

3. Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit

one piece tattoo for teens
Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit

This tattoo aftercare kit is convenient because it includes various features! You get antimicrobial soap, which is good as you don’t want infection on your new tattoo. And then it also comes with color enhancement and a quick healing cream. It is an excellent set, especially for those who only got your first tatto!


One Piece tales and characters have resonated with millions worldwide. Even though it’s fiction, it has influenced people’s lives for the better. Some of us even grow up with the series that came out 25 years ago. That’s why there are fans out there who are willing to tattoo their body with One Piece symbols. No matter which country you are from, One Piece is a unifying story!

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Each One Piece tattoo for teens we highlighted above has its own story and meaning. It also contains the passion of the tattoo artist who has designed them. This is why no matter which tattoo you’ve picked, it will possess a meaning and message that indeed relates to your soul!

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Questions & Answers (Q&A)

How do “One Piece” tattoos for teens differ from those chosen by older fans of the series?

One Piece, tattoos for teens, often feature more trendy designs with vibrant colors and characters that resonate with a younger audience. In contrast, older fans may lean towards classic styles. They also choose designs with deeper symbolism and characters from earlier arcs in the series.

How do cultural and regional differences impact the perception of teens getting “One Piece” tattoos?

Some cultures may view tattoos more conservatively, associating them with rebellion. In more accepting regions, such tattoos may be seen as self-expression. These One Piece tattoos are all about freedom and expression, too!

Which “One Piece” characters or symbols are most commonly chosen by teens for tattoos and why?

Straw Hat Jolly Rogers is the most common tattoo among teenagers. It represents the main characters of the series. The simple design, with a deeper meaning behind it,  is also its primary source of attraction.

How do tattoo artists approach the intricacies of “One Piece” designs, especially for younger clientele?

Tattoo artists can replicate the series accurately or choose to customize the designs. They must educate younger clients, ensure safety and consent, and consider size and placement.

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