38 Awesome One Piece Action Figures for Teens to Complete Your Collection

Have you watched the live-action adaption of One Piece yet? Released on August 31, 2023, on Netflix, the adaption, featuring incredible performances from real-life actors, takes the streaming platform like a storm! We’re delighted that the adaptation is doing well! To celebrate its success, as a fan of this fantastic manga and anime, it’s time for you to get one of these extraordinary One Piece action figures for teens to expand your collection!

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The incredible characters from One Piece really come alive in their action-figure forms. We’ve got Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates here. We’ve also gathered the best One Piece figures of various supporting characters that come in incredible detail. These action figures will help you relive your favorite moments from this legendary series!

Straw Hat Pirates Action Figures

Devout fans of the One Piece manga and anime series must own a complete set of action figures featuring all of the Straw Hat characters! The following list of collectibles also includes limited edition One Piece figures for teenagers!  Let’s check them out.

1. Luffy Gear 5th Sun God Nika Action Figure

Luffy Gear 5th Sun God Nika Action Figure
Luffy Gear 5th Sun God Nika

You can admire Luffy’s final and strongest from this superb Gear 5th action figure! The creator captured the epic giant Gomu Gomu Gatling’s gun of punches well! During his epic battle against Kaido, Luffy awakens his devil fruit power, turning him into the Warrior of Liberation. Fans should get this limited-edition action figure before this work of art runs out!

2. Zoro Victorious Figurine

one piece action figure
Zoro Victorious Figurine

This unique action figure really captures Zoro’s overwhelming power! It features Zoro performing his Santoryu sword-style pose in the center, clad in Haki aura. On the side are figurines of Zoro’s past formidable opponents whom he has defeated, engulfed in the Tatsumaki twister! Yes, Zoro has defeated iconic enemies like King, Mr. 1, Monet, and Hyouzou, the octopus merman.

3. Sanji Diable Jambe Action Figure

Sanji Diable Jambe Action Figure
Sanji Diable Jambe Action Figure

Watch out for the most muscular pirate cook in the One Piece universe! Sanji’s fighting style is unusual compared to other supporting characters in One Piece because he only uses his leg! This figurine really highlights this trait prominently. It captures Sanji’s Diable Jambe flamming kick action in its full glory!

4. Nami Action Figure

one piece action figure
Nami Action Figure

Your collection will be complete once you have Nami on your figurine shelf! This Nami mini statue is really faithful to the original design. You can see her in a bikini and slim-cut jeans, part of Nami’s fashion of choice ever since she and the Straw Hat pirates entered the New World. It’s tasteful; you can see the intricate details on the Clima-Tac, Nami’s staff. 

5. Usopp with Impact Wolf

Usopp with Impact Wolf
Source: Pinterest (@tsume-art.com)

Even though Usopp is one of the weakest Straw Hat Pirates, he is the most resourceful! His slingshot, Kuro Kabuto, can shoot all kinds of live projectiles. For instance, this figurine especially highlights Usopp’s ingenuity with his technique, the Impact Wolf. Usopp himself stands cooly as the centerpiece in front of the wolf. It’s very well painted and offers intricate details, like his goggles and overall costume.

6. Tony Tony Chopper All Transformation Figurine

one piece action figure
Source: Pinterest (@tsume-art.com)

Chopper is the most adorable member of the Strawhat Pirates! But do not underestimate his strength! This little reindeer can transform, capable of adapting and fighting all kinds of opponents. Now, you can get this action figure to enjoy all of Chopper’s transformations! From the cute base form, furr ball mode, and kungfu point to the giant monster transformation, this action figure has them all. Truly the best One Piece action figure sets for young fans!

7.  Nico Robin Action Figure

Nico Robin Action Figure
Nico Robin Action Figure

Our editor’s waifu! Nico Robin certainly has many fans because of her superior intellect and beauty. As the most mature member of the Straw Hats, she always brings common sense to the goofy crew. Now, her design and outfit have evolved throughout the series. This particular action figure depicts Robin in her New World outfit. It comes with lovely details, like her glasses and her lovely bosoms!

8. Franky Action Figure

one piece action figure
Franky Action Figure

The cyborg Franky always surprises everyone, from overpowered robots to shooting beams! This Franky action figure takes artistic liberty in its design. It depicts him standing among canon wreckage. It’ll make a nice display piece on your shelf or desk!

9. Brook the Soul King Mini Statue

Brook the Soul King Mini Statue
Source: Pinterest (@navitoworld.com)

If you’re ever to create your own pirate group, you definitely want Brook as one of your crew mates! He is fun to hang out with, loves to joke around, and is the best pirate musician! If you love Brook like we do, you should get this one! The action figure portrays Brook with his iconic cane sword, Soul Solid, performing his blizzard slash.

10. Jinbe Fishman Karate Figure

one piece action figure
Jinbe Fishman Karate Figure

As the latest addition to the Straw Hat Pirates, Jinbe has already performed immense feats! Living up to his name, the Knight of the Sea, Jinbe could send any opponent flying! He is fearless and chivalrous, loyal and strong! Fans of Jinbe will be over the moon with this action figure. This incredible figurine offers extraordinary details of Jinbe performing the Fishman karate technique. The addition of the watery effect and little shark are cherries on top!

Collectible One Piece Pirates Action Figure

Now that you’ve completed your Straw Hat pirate action figure collection, it’s time to delve into the supporting casts! One Piece is a great series that pays much attention to the side characters. As a result, many high-quality action figures are available. Here we go!

1. Ace One Piece Anime Action Figure

Ace One Piece Anime Action Figure
Ace One Piece Anime Action Figure

One Piece fans have agreed that Ace is the most beloved side character! Even though he has died valiantly protecting his little brother Luffy, his memory carries on! To commemorate him, this super-accurate Ace action figure is quite fitting to be in your collection set! It portrays Ace’s fire devil fruit power in detail. The flame paint job on this figure is incredibly well done, making it one of  the best One Piece figurines for youth collectors

2. Hawkeye Mihawk Figure Deluxe Edition

one piece action figure
Hawkeye Mihawk Figure Deluxe Edition

While Hawkeye is not precisely evil, he is the first potent antagonist who appears in the series! He is Zoro’s mentor and eventual rival. Not even a mountain can withstand his slashes. To show your admiration for his skill, we highly recommend this versatile Mihawk figurine for your collection. It’s such a deluxe work of art with several posing modes. You can display the Yoru sword sheathed on his back or brandished in its full glory.

3. Marshall D. Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard Action Figure

Marshall D. Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard Action Figure
Marshall D. Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard Action Figure

We believe that Blackbeard is the last ultimate villain that Luffy and his friends must defeat in the coming days. The only person in the series with two devil fruit powers, he can destroy anyone he wants! No one can withstand the Yami Yami no Mi, darkness, Gura Gura no Mi, earthquake! His overwhelming power is skillfully captured in this figurine! It shows off Teach performing both techniques at once! Superb design and paint job, worthy of your collection!

4. Shanks and Luffy Action Figure

one piece action figure
Shanks and Luffy Action Figure

This figurine captures the One Piece’s most precious and influential moment! It shows when the Red-Haired Shanks passed down his straw hat to Luffy. While it is not the most detailed action figure out there, it brings back memories! 

5. Kaido Fighting Luffy

Kaido Fighting Luffy
Kaido Fighting Luffy

Kaido is unquestionably the strongest single opponent Luffy has to face to date! His flying dragon form really does earn Kaido his nickname, the strongest creature! He can melt away mountains and bring down storms! Even Luffy was defeated several times. Thankfully, with Gearh 5th, Luffy was able to defeat our villain. This figurine captures that scene incredibly well!

6. White Beard Edward Newgate Action Figure

one piece action figure
White Beard Edward Newgate Action Figure

Before his death, White Beard was undisputedly the strongest pirate in the world. He was capable of literally destroying the world if he wished to. But alas, no one, not even White Beard, could defeat old age, hence his tragic downfall. We highly suggest you get this White Beard action figure to honor his memory! It shows him using his iconic naginata spear.

7. Shanks Statue

Shanks Statue
Shanks Statue

The last of the original Yonko deserves another spot on our list! This time, it shows off Shanks sitting while holding the straw hat. Unlike the previous version, this action figure features unbelievable HD details! You can see his intensity and admire his muscles and the creases of his clothes.

8. Euestass Kid Action Figure

one piece action figure
Euestass Kid Action Figure

Captain Kid is one of Luffy’s strongest rivals! Even though they are competing to become the Pirate King, Kid and Luffy teamed up several times. He is as wild as Luffy but perhaps crueler. In terms of design, Kid is very fun to look at. So, that’s why we suggest that you get this particular action figure! It shows Kid’s magnetic cyborg arm and nice details on the coat!

9. Trafalgar D. Law Figure

Trafalgar D. Law Figure
Trafalgar D. Law Figure

Here is another of Luffy’s close rivals in the race to obtain One Piece!  Law’s power may not be easy to understand, but it is overwhelmingly powerful. He also has one of One Piece characters’ most handsome and most incredible designs. Law is shown jumping on this figurine, bringing his iconic long sword along. Truly one of the best value-for-money One Piece figures for teen anime enthusiasts!

10. Gol D. Roger Action Figure 

one piece action figure
Gol D. Roger Action Figure 

The original pirate king himself! A One Piece fan has to own at least one of his figurines! This time, the action figure portrays Roger holding his sword, Ace, about to perform a powerful slash. The build quality of this figurine is excellent, as you can see all the little details. From Roger’s iconic costume to his mustache, this action figure is perfect!

11. Shanks with Gryphon

Shanks with Gryphon
Shanks with Gryphon

Did you know that Shank’s sword is called Gryphon? His saber is powerful, capable of unleashing slashing attacks that defeat Kid in one shot! Rumors also say that with Gryphon, Shanks could even rival Mihawk in a duel! Now that you know how awesome it is, it is time to get this Shanks figurine that features Gryphon! 

12. Eustass Kid Alternative Action Figure

one piece action figure
Eustass Kid Alternative Action Figure

During his first battle against the Red-Haired pirates, Kid lost his left arm! And yet, this shortcoming does not deter him from going after One Piece. Usually, when Kid is engaged in a battle, he creates a robotic prosthetic using his magnetism power. This figurine, however, shows a rare occasion in which Kid only shows his right arm.

13. Sabo Action Figure

Sabo Action Figure
Sabo Action Figure

Limited edition One Piece figures are expensive! But they are super worth it. For example, this Sabo action figure features incredible details, making it look exceptionally alive. As one of the officers of the revolutionary army, Sabo is powerful. Now that he obtains Ace’s firepower, he becomes even more so!

14. Buggy the Clown Action Figure

one piece action figure
Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

Buggy the Clown surely has come a long way for such a gag character! Despite his weakness and incompetence, he is now one of the Emperors of the Sea. The contrast between his unserious character and the stellar undeserved achievement has made Buggy fans’ favorite! Not only that, but Buggy also has an underrated design! This is why you should get this accurate action figure of Buggy the Clown to complete your collection.

One Piece Marine Action Figures

One Piece is not only about the pirates. There are Marines, too, who act as the counterbalance! Some notable Marine action figures would look good in your collection.

1. Smoker Action Figure

Smoker Action Figure
Smoker Action Figure

As a member of the Marine, Smoker is duty-bound to capture the Straw Hat pirates! He is a formidable opponent with the power of the devil fruit that allows him to turn into smoke. If you admire his sense of justice, you must dedicate a space for this Smoker action figure!

2. Admiral Aokiji Kuzan Figurine

one piece action figure
Admiral Aokiji Kuzan Figurine

After his duel with his fellow admiral, Aokiji left the marine and joined Blackbeard pirates. Why a man of such stature would join such a vile pirate group is still a mystery. Nevertheless, his time as an Admiral is quite memorable! This figurine portrays Kuzan as Admiral Aokiji unleashing his ice power. Its complex and detailed design makes this figurine among the best!

3. Admiral Akainu Action Figure

one piece action figure
one piece action figure

Some One Piece fans hate this man for killing Ace! However, others admire him for going through with his strong sense of absolute justice as a marine admiral. Regardless of whether you hate him or love him, it is a fact that Admiral Akainu’s magma power is strong. So, this figurine of Admiral Akainu deserves a special place in your collection.

4. Admiral Kizaru Action Figure

one piece action figure
Admiral Kizaru Action Figure

Just like Aokiji and Akainu, Admiral Kizaru is also super powerful. Even Luffy would need help fighting this man with elusive light power. Dubbed as the fastest One Piece character, Kizaru can use his ability to travel as fast as light! Your collection of Marine action figures will only be complete once you get him!

5. Tashigi & Shigure Figure

one piece action figure
Tashigi & Shigure Figure

One Piece has many strong and beautiful female characters. And we believe that Tashigi is one of them, especially among the Marines. This action figure portrays the older Tashigi’s design during the Logue Town arc. She’s unsheathing her personal katana, the Meito Shigure, ready to slash her enemies. It’s a lovely figurine that even includes details like her glasses.

7. Rob Lucci Leopard Mode

one piece action figure
Rob Lucci Leopard Mode

As the leading member of the secretive CP-0, Rob Luccy’s strength is fearsome. Thanks to his Zoan devil fruit, he could transform into a leopard, powering him up immensely. Now, you can admire Rob Lucci’s full ability via this well-painted action figure! You can see the leopard coat in detail.

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MORE One Piece Pirate Action Figures

Do you want more One Piece action figures for your collection? Take a look at these ones, too!

1. Chibi Monkey D. Luffy Sun God Nika

one piece action figure
Chibi Monkey D. Luffy Sun God Nika

Here is another rendition of Luffy’s 5th Gear! This action figure, despite the chibi style, still features quite a lot of details. You can see Luffy’s white aura and him holding a thunder! Yes, during his battle against Kaido, Luffy could use thunderbolts as his weapon, thanks to his new power-up!

2. Zoro Solo Toy Statue

one piece action figure
Zoro Solo Toy Statue

Watching Zoro fight is always exciting! His three-sword Santoryu style is so unique. This figurine really focuses on that uniqueness! You can see Zoro performing a slash using all three Haki-imbued swords!

3. Monkey D. Luffy as Emperor of the Sea

one piece action figure
Monkey D. Luffy as Emperor of the Sea

Here is another Luffy action figure for your collection! Since he defeated Kaido and Big Mom, Luffy is no longer your run-off-the-mill troublemaker pirate! He is one of the big guys, a Yonko, with a big ambition to become the pirate king! This super awesome action figure really captures Luffy’s coolness. You can see from this figurine that he’s emanating his Haki aura in full force.

4. Classic Roronoa Zoro Action Figure

one piece action figure
Classic Roronoa Zoro Action Figure

So far, we’ve only featured Zoro in his New World style. However, old classic Zoro with his white stained t-shirt is also fantastic! This action figure really takes you back to the good old days of One Piece! It deserves to be in your action figure collection.

5. Luffy Figure Decoration Statue

one piece action figure
Luffy Figure Decoration Statue

Most of the time, Luffy is such a goofy character. He loves to joke around, and his idiocy is always endearing! However, when he gets serious, no one can match his coolness. This particular action figure has successfully captured that severe side of Luffy. You can see that the creator really put love into this statue, a detailed masterpiece!

6. One Piece Brotherhood Set Action Figure

one piece action figure
One Piece Brotherhood Set Action Figure

One action figure is not enough, so check out this One Piece toy set instead! This set features Luffy, Ace, and Sabo together in one stand. It’s such a moving piece, considering their connection. Fans should collect more action figures set like these for extra impact!

7. Luffy and Ace Set

one piece action figure
Luffy and Ace Set

More Luffy and Ace in one set is always lovely! After all, their brotherhood is among the most iconic in manga and anime history. This action figure will trigger that sweet memory. It will take you back to the day they fought together as a team!


The world of One Piece action figures is an absolute treasure trove for teens and fans of all ages! Here, we’ve explored a fantastic array of action figures showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. And what makes them truly special is their lasting appeal to teenagers!

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One Piece action figures capture the essence of our favorite characters! They also allow us to take a piece of the adventure home. These action figures provide us with a real connection to Luffy and the rest of the characters. They’re more than collectibles; they’re vessels for our love for this timeless series. 

These One Piece action figures for teens let us relive iconic scenes, expanding our love!

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Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Are there any limited-edition “One Piece” action figures that have gained particular popularity among teens?

Yes! Luffy Gear’s 5th action figure is trendy right now. It finally got animated, generating a new One Piece craze.

How do teens differentiate between authentic and counterfeit “One Piece” action figures when collecting?

Authentic One Piece action figures are typically sold by a specific producer like Bandai or Banpresto stores. They have strong build quality and excellent paint job with smooth mold. The scene these authentic action figures usually follow actual scenes in the anime.

How do teen collectors engage with one another to trade or showcase their “One Piece” action figures?

If you want to trade your collection, you can find out how to do it through a local comic convention! There are also online forums where you can sell your figurines. However, please ensure you only trade with a reputable person to prevent getting scammed. You can showcase your collection by photographing them and uploading the pictures to Instagram. You can also have a dedicated room with display shelves.

What considerations should teens consider when purchasing “One Piece” action figures for investment purposes?

Make sure that you only get the authentic piece. It’s best to leave the action figure in mint condition. Do not open up the box and store it safely.

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