20 Best Restaurants for Teenage Birthdays in Chicago

Looking for a perfect venue to host a teenage birthday in Chicago is complicated sometimes. The city is filled with many attractive and sophisticated restaurants with unique offerings. Whether you find indoor birthday restaurants or outdoor ones, you will have a selection of fantastic restaurants in Chicago.  

We are pleased to assist you in discovering the perfect restaurants based on your budget and needs. We have put together the top 20 restaurants for teenage birthdays Chicago. Just enjoy and start finding the list of teenage birthday spaces. Get ready to plan an unforgettable celebration for your teens’ birthday.

1. Girl & the Goat

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Girl & the Goat is a remarkable restaurant for teenagers celebrating birthdays in Chicago. Enjoy the best serving of a family-style menu with fun. The restaurant offers flavored foods and is an inviting place. Your teens will love to happily celebrate their birthday at this restaurant. Get an array of fresh beverages around the world. Bartenders will please your teenagers by enhancing their birthday experience. The best wines and fun cocktails will accompany them to make their days incredible. 

Please make reservations for your teenage birthday party, especially during the busy period. The restaurant provides a selection of lively settings, including a bar, a lounge, and a dining room. However, you can still enjoy having fun in the setting without any prior planning. Invite your teenagers to Girls & the Goat restaurant. Let them experience their lovely birthday at the next level.

2. Alla Vita

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Another top-notch restaurant for teenage birthdays in Chicago is Alla Vita. The eatery serves a family-style menu for your family. Celebrate your teenage birthday in this lively restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine. It is a better spot to enjoy and gather with your peers. Various flavored foods are offered to serve fresh and delicious Italian foods. Free in the warm and inviting space to share happiness with others. 

The restaurant also comes with a notable chef in the city. Let the executive chef. Lee Wolen provides his signature foods. You can easily get memorable moments with your beloved teens. The restaurant is entirely comfortable for hanging out. Enjoy the exceptional experience at Alla Vita.

3. Summer House Santa Monica

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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If you are staying in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, just head to the Summer House Santa Monica restaurant. It is the nearest place to gather and enjoy an attractive teenage birthday party. Filled with a warm ambiance, the restaurant is the top fantastic place for teenagers in Chicago. They will experience the different vibes of instagrammable destinations. 

With its all-seasoned patio, impressive glass ceiling, and unique house décor, the eatery offers an extraordinary experience like no other. Don’t sleep on its best-flavored menus. The place serves the best foods like artisan pizza, antipasti, and others. Healthy menus like gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian are also available to order. Invite your teenagers to enjoy irresistible menus at the Bakery counter. It serves a variety of signature cookies, sourdough bread, home-baked pastries, and more.

4. Tanta

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Introducing the comfortable restaurant for a teenage birthday in Chicago, Tanta. Experience a memorable moment with the exceptional taste of Peru in Chicago. This restaurant provides signature Peruvian menus, delicious dishes, and fresh beverages. You also get a casual, fun, and approachable place to gather with loved ones. For your teenager’s birthday, book the Chef’s table. It provides an attentive and genuine experience for up to 10 people. Let your teens invite their peers to spend an enjoyable moment with them. 

Tanta also offers tasteful selections of the best menus. Whether you have a party at night or on a sunny day, the city’s famous eatery always welcomes you to have a more celebrating experience. Have a particular birthday party with authentic Peruvian food at Tanta!

5. Adalina

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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The Adalina is dedicated to sharing happiness and comfort with its unique and delicious menus. It is also a perfect place to hold your teens’ birthday party. It belongs to an Italian cuisine eatery that serves engaging and inviting menus. Filled with qualified chefs, enjoy the satisfying and balancing menus from Southern to Northern cuisine. You can feel a lovely setting, well-curated beverages, and signature dishes to evoke an exciting sense. 

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Whether you celebrate your teens’ birthday party, business dinner, or a romantic evening, Adalina is the perfect place to host the unforgettable occasion. You are encouraged to have reservations for the teen parties from 5 to 10 people. Most teens love celebrating their parties in an engaging atmosphere. The Adalina brings them the flavor and the fun.

6. Paradise Park Chicago

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Teenagers like spending their gifted days in trendy restaurants like Paradise Park Chicago. Sharing a piece of delightful pizza is a perfect way to celebrate their birthday party. Located at the heart of the Wicker Park neighborhood, the pizzeria offers a fun experience, a flavored menu, and inviting settings in one package. Indulge in a selection of creative menus like fresh cocktails, specialized pizza, delicious meals, and irresistible dishes.

Feast your days with the beloved ones by enjoying all menus on the park-themed patio. Make sure to accompany your teenagers during the birthday party. Let them have fun with their friends. You are also free to taste authentic pizza on the spot. Dine in the best offerings while enjoying your teen’s birthday party.

7. Piccolo Sogno

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Are you looking for the best restaurants that combine local and Italian cuisine? The Picolo Sogno, little dream, is the chosen one. It provides an extensive open venue for a teenage birthday party. Get a taste of featured menus of impressive, seasonal, rustic, and fresh Italian offerings. Don’t miss its signature Italian beverages, bringing an authentic experience for your teenagers.  

The Picolo Sogno also like to introduce you to Ciro Longobardo, an Italian wine expert. He works to give well-informed recommendations about the best wines. Get Italian vibes by tasting the impressive all-signature wines with your teenagers. The eatery and bar offer easy-drinking options for beginners. Let your teens get the pleasing taste of wine under your supervision.

8. Swift & Sons

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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The Swift & Sons is on the list of the most-visited steakhouses in Chicago. The place never fails to serve the perfect experience of pleasing taste. Invite your teenagers to celebrate their birthday at this venue. Whether you choose indoor dining or a heated patio, the steakhouse brings you to the next level of steak tasting. It also offers a creative space that provides a warm atmosphere on your teens’ birthday. 

Experience the meat-forward menus by the executive chef, Chris Pandel. The chef will serve you a selection of delicious dishes and tasteful beverages. Let’s try its extensive bar. It features approachable offerings, from seasonal cocktails to novel desserts. 

9. STK Steakhouse Chicago

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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The STK is dedicated to those who find a perfect balance between a chic lounge and a modern steakhouse. With its wide central longue, unique tiles, warm atmosphere, and creamy banquets, you can hold special occasions, including celebrating your teenage birthday. Experience the different feels with the blending of illumination lighting and the energetic vibe of DJ music. 

Take your teens to enjoy a wide range of steaks. Whether they love small cuts of meat, wagyu, or Kobe, the steakhouse offers raised options for your teenagers. Besides a wide range of signature steaks, enjoy the other offerings like Jumbo lump crab salad, sweet corn pudding, Parmesan Truffle Fries, and more.

10. Quartino Ristorante

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Located in the heart of Chicago, Quartino is perfect for any occasion, including a teenage birthday. Free up time for a remarkable restaurant and wine bar serving a distinctive menu, attentive ambiance, vintage decors, and personable staff! Taste main menu specializes in Italian offerings, including seasonal dishes, house-made pasta, crusted, flavored pizza, salumi, and more. Take your teens to choose small, medium, or large portions of pleasing dishes.

Relax and feel the Quartino’s lively atmosphere is filled with rustic tables and chairs, warm lighting, and themed tiles. Reserve the main dining room if you are looking for the perfect spot for a teenage birthday party. As an alternative option, you can book the enclosed patio, which brings you to the togetherness experience. Reserve your tables at Quartino to experience the approachable and warm ambiance.

11. Daebak Korean BBQ

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Daebak Korean BBQ is located in the Chinatown neighborhood. It is recommended as a restaurant for teenage birthdays in Chicago. K-Pop is booming around the world. Of course! Your teens will not resist loving the culture. Let them have the Korean vibes of a birthday party at the Daebak. The eatery is available for all groups, ages, occasions, or interests. It is never wrong to celebrate your teens’ birthday at this place. 

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Reserve your table and enjoy the best selection of Korean’s authentic menus, from excellent dishes to impressive drinks, and distinctive cakes to unique Korean desserts. Ensure to celebrate your day with beloved teens in the lively and inviting eatery in Chicago. 

12. Amaru

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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The American Latin eatery, the Amaru, is a great way to find a relaxed venue for your teenage birthday. Invite your teens to enjoy the Latin cuisine and best cocktails at the eatery. The pan-Latin restaurant brings you more experience with authentic menus, with no exception. 

Selections of dishes and beverages are always available. Start tasting Guacamole Serrano. It introduces your teens to delicious dishes sold by most street vendors in Colombia, Cuba, and Mexico. Take your teens to taste the signature tacos. Don’t miss indulging in beverages like Jamaica Aqua Fresca, Mexican hot chocolate, and more.

13. Andros Taverna

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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From a pan-Latin eatery, let’s get close to the mini Greek restaurant in Chicago. It is one of the best restaurants for teenage birthdays in Chicago. Located in the heart of Logan Square, check out the spacious settings, great food, and extraordinary beverages. The eatery is great for celebrating your teenage birthday, as it serves sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine. Of course, you will experience a great party. 

Start your experience by reversing its unique appetizers like mezze spreads, kataifi cheese pie, spanakopita, and more. The Greek eatery meets the best qualifications for a memorable birthday venue. Whether you eat traditional Greek foods or innovative new dishes, just reverse your tables and invite your teens to enjoy the togetherness.

14. Minghin Cuisine

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Let’s celebrate your teenagers’ birthdays by grabbing an array of extraordinary dim sum at MingHin Cuisine. It is Chicago’s famous dim sum house that offers exceptional Asian cuisine. With its spacious location, you can celebrate your teens’ birthday in a beautiful atmosphere. Take your teens to taste a selection of perfect dim sums like cuttlefish with curry sauce, a beef trip with onion and ginger, short ribs in honey sauce, and more.  

Take an opportunity to taste other signature menus like Dungeness crab with ginger slaw, BBQ pork tenderloin, roasted pork belly, fried chicken, pot stickers, Rangoon, and more. If you want to book the private space, you are encouraged to reserve the tables beforehand.

15. La Luna

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
Source: La Luna 

Are you finding the best restaurants for your teens’ birthday party in Chicago? Get an experience at the Luna eatery. It delivers unique settings that create a lively ambiance for the party. With its colorful murals, it holds the best teenage birthday party. The hip-hop music soundtrack also makes birthdays. The energetic sound delivers a great atmosphere like a party. For a specific date, the restaurant brings you your favorite live music.  

How about foods and beverages? Don’t worry! The Luna always provides unique offerings, from irresistible dishes to icy drinks. Taste the fine cuisine like tacos, guesabriria, flautas, enchiladas, and more. You should not miss the opportunity to taste special birthday foods, great margaritas, and tacos. Spend your teens’ birthday celebrating at the mini Mexican eatery, La Luna.

16. Virtue

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Located in Hyde Park, the Virtue offers upscale spaces for celebrating your teenagers’ birthdays. It has been a favorite spot for summer birthdays for all ages. Enjoy the birthday with the airy, bright, and large dining rooms. It is the perfect space for their birthday party. For more experience, grab the special-offered cocktails at the inviting bar.

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A favorite selection of small plates is always available. Let your teens stuff the dishes like asparagus with pig eras, gizzards with rice, grits, and shrimp. You can also taste the sparkling beverages that offer great value. With its peaceful and warm spaces, create happiness with your teens on virtue.

17. Bloom Plant Based Kitchen

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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The Bloom Plant Based Kitchen is one of the great gluten-free restaurants for your teen’s birthday in Chicago. Taste more plant-based foods to promote your health. While celebrating a birthday, there is nothing as thrilling as enjoying vegan foods. Take your teens to introduce them to the better way to spend their gifted days. 

Instead of drinking gluten beverages or tasting creamy cakes, choose the vegan options to make their days. Never miss ordering the unique offerings at the vegan eatery, like red carrot dumplings, asada tacos, klug farm asparagus, and more. Authentic beverages like Kombucha, alcohol-free drinks, cocktails, ciders, and more are free to taste.

18. HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Expose Vietnamese cuisine to your teenagers by attending HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen. Hold the teenage birthday party by serving a surprise Vietnamese menu! You can taste some unique cuisine, like crispy wings with peanut rice noodles and caramelized fish sauce. Take your teen to try octopus salad with the hot sauce! It will give you more experience in enjoying the signature dishes. 

Egg custard coffees are available to order if you are willing to have other casual meals. Don’t sleep on a wide selection of beverages and desserts, from signature cocktails to assorted exotic fruits. The eatery also comes with spacious seating with a cozy atmosphere.

19. Pequod’s Pizza

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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A teenage birthday party is nothing without a piece of creamy pizza. Invite your teens to enjoy Chicago’s great pizza at the Pequod’s Pizza. Enjoy the authentic pizzas coming out of the oven. You have more pizza selections for your teens, like cheese-caramelized, crispy, thin-crusted pizzas. Add the mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce for more taste. The seats are always available. However, it is better to reserve the tables in advance.   

20. Bill Kamen Ramen Bar

restaurants for teenage birthdays in chicago
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Lastly, one of the best restaurants for teenage birthdays in Chicago is Bill Kim Ramen Bar. The eatery offers a fantastic dining experience for all occasions. Get a taste of Mexican, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisine in a simple way. Your teens can stuff the steaming bowls of chewy noodles. Let them choose from an array of unique garnish toppings. Whether they experience conventional ramen or a more adventurous option, take your teens to enjoy their flavored noodles.   

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