Top 20 Things to Do in Chicago for Young Adults

Chicago is well-known for its fun activities and attractions for young adults. The spectacular city offers everything from enjoyable attractions to challenging destinations, historical sites, luxury shopping galleries, and even natural hot spots. Whether you love overlooking the best view from the observation decks or spending nightlife, there is always something attractive. You can enjoy tons of fun activities for young adults.

Chicago comes with completely outstanding activities as well as attractions. You may get confused on listing the activities to do while staying in Chicago.  Don’t worry! We have put together lists of the top 20 fun things to do in Chicago for young adults. 

1. Get a fantastic view at 360 Chicago

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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One of the top things to do in Chicago for young adults is getting high at 360 Chicago. This building was formerly known as the John Hancock building. It presents an attractive observatory deck over 1,000 feet above the ground. From its 94th floor, you can see the lovely 360-degree scenery. There is Lake Michigan and also Navy Pier. You can overlook the attractions from different perspectives.

You can also enjoy a drink at Chicago’s bar while overlooking a clear view of the city. Catching up on the photo is a must. Keep your unforgettable moments by taking pictures. Don’t miss watching the best attraction, Chicago’s highest thrill ride. It is a thrilling attraction that allows young adults to see Chicago differently. 

2. Eye spectacular views from Skydeck Chicago

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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Another observatory deck to visit for young adults is SkyDeck Chicago. The building offers a fantastic view from 1,335 feet above the street. It can be the best option if you want to have another experience of the Chicago skyline. The attraction is located at the top of Wilis Tower. 

Enjoy a 360 view from a glass-enclosed platform. You will experience spectacular visibility up to 50 miles away. Don’t worry! It is safe to overlook the spectacular view. From the observation deck, the four states in Chicago: Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois, can be seen clearly. Catch your moment and pose the photos at SkyDeck on your social media. If you love adrenaline attraction, a SkyDeck ledge is a perfect choice.

3. Refresh at North Avenue beach

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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North Avenue beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chicago for kids, teens, and adults. It is the most popular beach in Chicago to visit during the summer. Spending a summer day visiting the beach is exciting for young adults.

The beach offers several fun things to do in Chicago for young adults: hit a beach volleyball, rent a bike, sunbathe, or just grab a snack while enjoying the waves. If you want to challenge your adrenalin, don’t miss playing kayak at the beach. There is also a jet ski to rent. Speeding up with Jet sky is so challenging. You should experience the attraction when visiting the beach. However, the North Avenue beach is also the busiest destination in Chicago. Make sure to choose the best time to avoid the crowds.   

4. Adore art collections at the Art Institute of Chicago

fun things to do in chicago for young adults

The Art Institute of Chicago should be on your list trip. It belongs to the oldest and largest art museum in the United States. There are more than 300,000 masterpieces to adore. You can find every artwork from classic to modern era. 

The Thorne Miniature is the best part to visit, as there are more than 60 collections of impressive architecture and furniture to the eye. The collections come with a 1:12 scale. You can eye the representations of American, European, and Asian architectures in detail. It is like playing doll house when you were kids.   

5. Meet Mummies at Field Museum

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
Source: Chicagotribune

Have you ever watched a mummy? If you haven’t seen it, visiting the Field Museum is the best answer. The museum is known as the largest natural history museum in the world. It presents many biological and anthropological collections, including fossils, birds, indigenous cultures, and other impressive artworks. It could be complicated to start walking through all of the museum collections. 

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You can start visiting the Inside Ancient Egypt exhibition. It is the most popular and attractive hot spot for visitors. There are collections of Egyptian artifacts. One of the most-watched artifacts is an assemblage of mummy collections. You face the real mummy representations instead of in the movies. It is so amazing! 

6. Visit Millennium Park

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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Millennium Park is located in downtown Chicago. It is the best free-admission destination for young adults on trips to Chicago. The park is also known as the most significant public park. Now, it gets into the list of the top free attractions in Chicago. The park is also filled with sculpture, architecture, and flora. 

The Cloud Gate “The Bean” is one of the best attractions to see for young adults. It is a contemporary sculpture made by Anish Kapoor. The gate is also made from more than 200 pieces of stainless plates. Besides the Bean, Millennium parks also present fun things, including the monument, Jay Pritzker Pavilion, BP Bridge, and others.

7. Ride a bike around the downtown

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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After hectic workdays, you should take exercise and refreshment. Riding a bike can accommodate your needs. Chicago belongs to a bike-friendly city. Why? The town provides a low-stress path to ride bikes. It means that most of the bike paths are flat. You spend your holiday riding around the heart of Chicago city. It also improves your physical and mental health.

You can also promote healthy life by commuting by bike. Riding a bike can be a perfect choice when visiting near attractions instead of taking public transportation or driving a car. It also supports the Go-green campaign. Just rent your best bike and enjoy starting healthy habits!

8. Enjoy the stunning view of Chicago from Navy Pier

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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Have you ever visited a Navy Pier? Yes, it is one of the most impressive attractions in Chicago for young groups. It is also known as one of the largest piers in the world. Navy Pier comes with several fun things to do and see for young adults. If you want a different angle of the Chicago view, this place allows you to have it. 

You will get a fantastic view of Chicago. There is also public art to enjoy, including various valuable statues. At night, you can also watch the seasonal fireworks. It will make your night. Invite your friends to spend the night at Navy Piers. This place offers the different ambiance of Chicago city at night. 

9. Try the Escape Game

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
Source: theescapegame

Are you getting bored at home? Let’s have fun with the Escape game. It is an excellent game designed for young adults who love the mini-adventure. You will have a live 60-minute game with a different theme. Pick the most challenging theme with your group, from a classic art heist to a 1950s prison break. 

All you need is to work together to find the clues, solve the puzzles and finish the missions. Every game corner spot presents an elevated adventure that brings an epic story like Hollywood blockbusters. The escape game is designed for family, corporate groups, couples, and friends. So, you can schedule to enjoy this great game with your beloved ones. The Escape game is effectively getting rid of your boredom. Just invite your friends to complete the missions.  

10. Meet Enigmatic Blue Man Group

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
Source: Viator

Blue Man Group is the craziest attraction in Chicago. As a young adult, you may love something crazy. the group belongs to the unique show that brings amazing acts, science, interactions, and instruments. The group consists of three spectacular blue and bald characters who drive the audience to have a part you have never heard and seen before. 

Enjoy their performance, and let’s have fun, rock, and party with the mysterious blue man group. Though no verbal communication, the three stunning blue man groups always show comedy. The new story and sensory graphic is also continually injected into their whole performance. More than 35 million people have seen the show. You should be part of them. There is no better experience in Chicago without seeing the Blue Man performance. 

11. Join a Chicago Riverwalk Tour

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
Source: Urbanmatter

The Chicago River is an alternative destination for those enjoying natural habitats. This place belongs to the low-level walkway for pedestrians. This hot spot is the perfect place to eye a close-up of the Chicago River view. The towering skyscrapers alongside the river will also elevate your experience. It is the best spot for the young to spend an incredible night on this river.

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The riverwalk opens daily from 6 am to 11 pm for the public.  There is no admission to access the location.  From the part, you have a panoramic view of the best Chicago architecture, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. If you get hungry and thirsty, just go to restaurants and bars. You can also look for more experience by kayaking on the Chicago River. 

12. Take a Chicago Pizza Tour

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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Who doesn’t love eating a piece of pizza? Everybody loves biting pizza so much. The Chicago Pizza tour is a fun way to explore the most popular pizza and more culinary export di the Chicago. The tour will invite you to try and enjoy some of the city’s top pizzerias. 

During 3.5 hours, the tour leader will guide you to get closer to the pizza. It is not only about eating the pizza but also about enhancing your knowledge of the pizza processing. We recommend this pizza tour for those who are foodies, especially those who adore the pizza.  The tour also presents a different perspective on exploring Chicago.   

13. Hop Chicago Boat Cruises

fun things to do in chicago for young adults

A visit to the most outstanding observation deck, 360 Chicago, may give you a new landscape of the city. But you have more experience with skyscrapers by taking a Chicago Boat tour. Enjoy the tour’s great insight and a phenomenal view of the famous buildings around the river. 

The Fulton House and the Leo Burnett Building are two of the well-known buildings you can see clearly through the river cruise. There are some river tour providers to choose from. The Wendella Sightseeing Co which offers the tour schedule throughout the years, is one of them. Pick the best time with your partner to enjoy cruising on the Chicago River. 

14. Explore the Shedd Aquarium

fun things to do in chicago for young adults

Exploring the aquatic animal by visiting the Shedd Aquarium is a great way to spend time in Chicago. The aquarium provides colorful and extensive exhibits to see. The attraction offers tons of exhibits and experiences. You are up close with the amazing aquatic animals, from beluga to snails, from turtles to tarantula, and from zebra sharks to angle fish. 

You are also invited to see the various species in the depths of Lake Michigan. The aquarium provides the best experience in exploring the aquatic animal world. Visiting the Shedd Aquarium on the weekend is never wrong for young adults.  It is a comfortable place to refresh after the busy workdays. When staying in Chicago, don’t miss the place. You get the experience of looking at the unbelievable nature directly.

15. Enjoy Music at the House of Blues Chicago

fun things to do in chicago for young adults

Finding the perfect place to hang out with relatives or friends is complicated. Your interests may be different from your friends. But, everyone loves enjoying the music live. The House of Blues Chicago is a great attraction to visit at night. You may listen to your favorite song in your home. But, enjoying the live music presents a different ambiance. You are free to sing along, accompanied by tunable music instruments.

House of Blues Chicago always invites the best performers from all music genres. They will deliver the best performance to the local communities. There is also a restaurant and bar to enjoy. Just grab the table at House of Blues and spend your elevated nightlife.  This place will give you more experience like no other. 

16. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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One museum in Chicago that offers extraordinary collections is the Museum of Contemporary Art. So, it is not true if you think visiting the museum is boring. the museum provides more experience than watching antique collections. It belongs to the largest multidisciplinary museum in the United States. 

The Museum gains an international reputation for collecting a variety of contemporary artworks. There are videos, films, sculptures, paintings, and other contemporary masterpieces. Besides the contemporary visual works, the Museum also offers the performing arts. Watch the nation’s notable performers in the 300-seat theater when you get hungry. No need to go outside to find the food. Inside the Museum is a restaurant and bar with innovative flavors.  

17. Spend Time in Lucky Strike Entertainment

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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Lucky Strike Entertainment can be the best hot spot to gather with your friends. This place offers superior entertainment, a comfortable experience, and a distinctive atmosphere for the young and adults. You will find the hip nightlife in Chicago like no other. 

Located at the heart of downtown Chicago, the entertainment complex provides much entertainment for young adults. Pick the best entertainment from bowling to ping pong, from billiard to the amazing arcade games. The multiple HD screens are also filled to enhance the visitors’ experience. Just invite your relative, friends, or colleagues to have fun spending the different nightlife in Chicago. Lucky Strike Entertainment is a choice if you get confused about the place for celebrating the special occasions. 

18. Let’s Laugh at The Second City

fun things to do in chicago for young adults

Chicago offers one of the most attractive entertainment spots, the Second City. Are you finding the best place to laugh freely? You are in the right line. The Second City is designed to present a sketch comedy full of improvisations. It means that the audience will get the fresh comedy. The show performs seven nights a week. 

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Just enjoy the sketch comedy, short scene, stand-up comedy, and songs during the performance. The Stand-up is one of most favorite parts of the performance. The great comics, stand-up comedy performers, will entertain the audiences with their spontaneous, collaborative and unscripted stage comedy. Don’t forget to book some food and a cocktail while enjoying the whole performance.  

19. Shop at River North

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
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River North is one of the best shopping centers in Chicago. The shopping spot comes with many word-class shopping centers that offer everything from high-end fashion to luxury jewelry. The shop offers fun things, including popular landmarks, great shopping, authentic restaurant, and attractive entertainment. It is a one-stop public space that fulfills your needs. Located near Michigan Avenue, access to the shopping center is relatively easy.

The River North offers extensive famous clothing boutiques where you can find a convenient outfit for daily use. There are also fine art and jewelry galleries that sell high-quality products. A row of restaurants also offers a variety of food and beverage menus. Don’t miss dropping in the steakhouse restaurant. It is the most-buying food at the restaurant.     

20. Hop on Big Chicago Bus

fun things to do in chicago for young adults
Source: gocity 

Last but not least, a fun thing to do in Chicago for young adults is hopping on a big bus. Taking the Chicago bus tour will offer you a new experience of city sightseeing. Significant landmarks can be seen, including the Wrigley building, Wilis Tower, and others. Free up your best destination by joining the bus tours.

This bus tour is a perfect option for young adults who want to discover iconic landmarks in Chicago. You are also free to take incredible photos during the bus journey. There are also day and night journeys to choose from. By taking the bus tour, hop on and hop off the bus as you please.

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Is Chicago fun for young people?

Of course. Chicago offers a lot of attractions for children to adults. You can get the fun activities by visiting various landmarks in Chicago.

Are there lots to do in Chicago?

Yes. Most young adults love spending their life in a different atmosphere. Chicago provides incredible hot spots to accommodate your needs, including having fun, gathering with friends, enjoying the nightlife, etc.    

What is there to do in Chicago at night alone?

You can listen to live music while enjoying a cocktail. There are some nightlife tours and entertainment spots where you meet other people. You will not feel lonely even if there is no relative in Chicago.

Is Chicago worth visiting?

All right! Chicago is a well-known city as a tourist destination for kids, teens, young, and adults. This city is highly recommended with its iconic landmarks, friendly people, and best attractions.

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