Things Your Teenage Daughter Should Know about Dating and Relationships

Things Your Teenage Daughter Should Know about Dating and Relationships
Things Your Teenage Daughter Should Know about Dating and Relationships

There are things your daughter keeps secretive because they find it more comfortable to share with friends. Among teenage problems they typically communicate with their peers are dating and relationships. It may sound a bit scary to discuss with parents, but eventually, you can step into the discussion to prepare your teenage daughter to face reality. 

Why it’s Important to Talk to Your Daughter About Dating

how to talk to your daughter about dating
Why it’s Important to Talk to Your Daughter About Dating

Family is supposed to be the first healthy environment for children to encounter. Thus, your role here as parents are to define a healthy relationship. By having ideas of harmonious and loving connections and managing and maintaining them, your teenage daughter will be more likely to survive in this department. Discussions on dating and relationship advice do not only refer to how to find a boyfriend but more to the concept of general human relations. Moreover, the topic of sex should also be brought up to the table. 

How do I Prepare My Daughter for Dating?

Before focusing on dating tips, your teenage daughter should be able to demonstrate a healthy, supportive, and strong bond of friendships with all genders. Because by equipping this model with your daughter, she will learn how to set boundaries, express feelings and emotions, encourage each other, and practice good conflict management. If she cannot exhibit those skills, topics on dating and relationships should be served for later conversations. 

Teen Friendships and Mental Health 

The main reason the talk should start at the friendship level is that teen friendships can significantly impact teens’ well-being and mental health. Studies show that healthy social integration and interaction make teens feel more confident, accepted, and cared for. Your task as parents are to direct and suggest which environment outside school your teens can thrive in, such as through social hobbies or sport community. 

Is Teen Dating Important?

One day you wake up to find your daughter has her young love. At that point, you might panic and be busy providing her with dating tips your parents had prepared you with. You wish that all the pieces of advice could serve as a shield to protect her from heartbreaks. Before you react in ways that can upset and confuse your daughter, consider setting aside time to learn the importance of teen dating. 

Listen, you may find this topic uncomfortable to discuss, but teen dating has good benefits. First, teens tend to treat dating as an adventurous relationship. The honeymoon phase that promises a good ending is a highly dynamic roller coaster ride. Imagine your daughter can open up and show her true colors to someone special she keeps dearly, which can also help her develop her sense of identity. The next thing you know, your daughter can be in tune with herself because she has learned about the qualities and values in others. 

Conversation with a Positive and Non-judgmental Attitude

Now that you need clarification as to where you should start and step in, you should learn how to be an approachable parent. You should position yourself as your daughter’s safe haven instead of controlling figures that will end up having no idea what your daughter is up to. You can ask her calmly and carefully whenever she feels ready to have a deep conversation with you. You can start asking and talking to your teen about her dating experiences. Actively listen to her without judgment and offer a follow-up conversation until your daughter feels comfortable. 

Conversation with a Positive and Non-judgmental Attitude
Conversation with a Positive and Non-judgmental Attitude

If you find it hard to make your daughter open up and be honest about her relationships, you can begin to share your past romantic experiences where you failed, felt heartbroken, and finally met your spouse. Keep the conversation engaging, and don’t be afraid of not provoking her mind to tell her adventures. When your daughter feels convenient enough around you to expose her romantic stories, appreciate her for being honest. 

Tips for Setting Age-appropriate Rules

Preparing your daughter for the dating world means deciding the appropriate age she can start dating from early on. Once your daughter can acknowledge the special bond between two persons, you must remind her that she can have such a romantic connection at a specific age. Be reasonable when establishing dating rules; for instance, your daughter is allowed to date when she’s emotionally mature, can balance her priorities, or already has her side job. 

how to talk to your daughter about dating
Tips for Setting Age-appropriate Rules

For most parents, 16 is the most appropriate age for young love. However, every teen is different, and the most essential part is to make conversations on love, romantic relationships, crushes, sex, healthy connections, and dating become more habitual at home. Besides setting age-appropriate rules, you and your daughter should also agree on her readiness to start dating. 

Discussing Healthy Relationships

As mentioned before, everything starts at home. Preparing and setting rules for your daughter to be ready for dating and relationships means sparing some room for parents to learn their part. Have you established a peaceful and harmonious connection at home? Have you and your spouse already demonstrated a committed, loving bond and be supportive towards one another? Another thing to note is the dynamics between siblings. Your teenage daughter should prove she can handle conflict and communicate openly with other family members. 

Discussing Healthy Relationships
Discussing Healthy Relationships

Instill the idea of healthy relationships in your daughter’s mind through real examples at home and discussions. Once she understands this, you can begin to set parameters and limits to avoid unhealthy relationships, such as deciding on weekend curfew, meeting frequency, no dates on school nights, communication styles, and even set priorities. Signs of a healthy relationship are as follows: 

Balance of Power

Who said it’s too early for your daughter to be taught a balance of power? When she enters the dating world, she must be aware that both partners are equal. She and her boyfriend should share mutual respect and support besides feeling safe together. No one should feel pressured to speak their mind and do what they think is right. It is also essential to have their own life outside of their relationship to establish a sense of independence and self-worth. Thus, as the relationship progress, so does personal development. 

Optimize Self-Growth 

Remind your daughter that her boyfriend is supposed to be happy and proud of having an active girlfriend with a growth mindset. They should support each other’s hobbies and interests, and they can learn new skills together. Your daughter’s relationships move at an enjoyable pace and must not be a prohibitive factor in her growth. 

Constructive Conflict

Ensure your teenage daughter that conflicts are normal in every aspect of life. The most important thing is for her to remain rational and reasonable. Your daughter must always choose to step back and take a pause for a moment to evaluate her position in a conflict. To be constructive and reflective, your daughter needs to develop a sense of empathy and understanding. The conflict they have in the relationship should be their eye-opener to see the bigger picture and broaden their perspectives. 

Talking About Sexual Health

how to talk to your daughter about dating
Talking About Sexual Health

Teen dating is as complicated as adult relationships. Helping your daughter navigate this realm means you need to communicate about sexual and reproductive health. Make it an enjoyable regular talk without feeling awkward. If you think this topic is hard to discuss, you might be wrong because it’s harder to avoid. 

Sex Education at Home

Without a doubt, sex education is mainly the parents’ job, even though talking to your daughter about sex sounds terrifying at first. Note that this is one of the topics you should start early on. Remember when you taught your daughter the difference between boys and girls? Now you can pick up from where you left off. You can use the topics about physical changes, sexual drive, and sexual desire openly with your daughter. Treat the discussions like other discussions on fun topics. 

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Encourage your daughter to share their perspectives and listen to her without judgment. When she is heard and understood, it prevents her from being rebellious. Another thing to teach is sexually transmitted diseases. 

Creating Boundaries

After all, you want to protect your dear daughter at any cost. If you’ve succeeded in setting the appropriate age for her to start dating, now it’s time to work on the agreed boundaries. Boundaries clearly define what is acceptable for you and your daughter. Emotional and physical limitations are two of the most essential factors that need clear restrictions. 

Emotional boundaries refer to how your daughter and her boyfriend regulate feelings and share some confidential information. It also closely correlates with the confidence they establish in the relationship. The other one is physical boundaries covering physical movements like holding hands, hugging, or even sexual activities. Thus, you must set ground rules about sexual contact and consent for your daughter. 

Cyber Safety and Social Media in Relationship

Cyber Safety and Social Media in Relationship
Cyber Safety and Social Media in Relationship

If there is one novel thing you want to create another boundary for, it is digital. Your daughter ought to determine her comfort level regarding texting, exposing the relationship on social media, and maybe sexting. 

Online Dating

Before panicking, note that online dating is the new normal in this digital era, making cyber safety and dating for your daughter a must-discussed topic. Remember that people are bound to make mistakes while adapting to something new, and parents are no exception. Thus, you should take preventive measures. 

Parents must objectively approach online dating like traditional dating, where your daughter may find a healthy relationship online. Yet, some people just want to take advantage of others’ vulnerability. Especially for shy teens, online dating allows them to be more engaging and makes it easier to get self-assurance. Provide information to your daughter that everyone can choose and create their own online persona, so do not be trapped at the risk of spilling too much confidentiality. 

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When romantic chats turn into in-person meetings, things get more challenging. Reveal the truth that when your daughter talks to someone who seemingly shares the same age as her, it could be a grown-up looking to prey on teens. You can choose to expose them to news about the dangers of online dating so they can be more careful and learn the pattern. 

Encouraging Your Daughter to Communicate

This point has the most pivotal benefit of all. The effort you put in and the steps you take to prepare your teenage daughter for love and relationships will only be helpful if you encourage your daughter to practice effective communication. 

how to talk to your daughter about dating
Encouraging Your Daughter to Communicate

First, you need to show genuine interest in their lives. This will make your daughter feels cared for and seen. However, you need to be her role model at home. Practice open communication and give constructive feedback whenever your spouse asks your opinion. Being supportive and attentive can also encourage your daughter to trust and be relaxed around you. 

Whenever your daughter communicates, listen to her carefully and without judgment. If her points and opinions contradict your principles, demand further explanation instead of defending her. 

What Should I Do if My Daughter is Dating Someone I Disapprove of?

how to talk to your daughter about dating
What Should I Do if My Daughter is Dating Someone I Disapprove of

We understand that you want to monitor and control everything, especially if your daughter starts having a date. Sometimes the person you project to be the right one for your daughter is far from what your daughter wants. Your daughter deserves better, but she insists on keeping this one. 


Before questioning your daughter’s choice of men, start asking yourself. Honestly, what makes you despise him? If it’s because he doesn’t match the image you project, it’s not objective. There is more to him than meets the eye. 

Ask Your Daughter

Your next task is to ask your daughter what makes her fall for him in the first place. Prepare yourself to be surprised by her answer, but don’t be judgmental again. Young love tends to weigh superficial attributes into consideration, such as physical appearance, good grades, or the same hobbies. 

Never expose your daughter if those qualities she seeks in a partner won’t get the relationship far. Because most of the time, your daughter only cares about the acceptance and lovey-dovey part of the relationship. Bite your tongue to advise her. You’ll get to that phase eventually. 

Invite Him Over 

You can ask your daughter to bring him over on a friendly occasion such as a family dinner or your birthday celebration. Knowing your daughter’s boyfriend will allow you to weigh him fairly. However, keep your boundaries tact and firm; sometimes, being super friendly can come across as too welcoming and make him feel overconfident. 

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Trust your teen that she has chosen the best one, even if it’s uncomfortable for you to see your daughter is obsessed with someone you think is out of her league. Thus, keep alert for any changes in behavior. Instead of making attempts to jump in, your best bet is to protect your daughter by preparing her before things go south. Ensure your daughter has strong principles, has set her boundaries right, has built self-esteem, and has a sense of independence. 

Final Thought 

Teen dating should be fun, exciting, and supportive. So, that’s how you should approach your daughter in the narratives. When you try to make your daughter open up about her dating adventures, please note that the goal is to improve your family’s communication channels. Always actively listen to her without judgment and get excited for her. 

A topic about teen dating often comes as the tensest phase in your parenting journey. But if you approach and treat it casually, repetitively, and pay attention to that, you’ll be rewarded with flowing conversations with your daughter. That way, you will easily instill more intriguing topics such as dating online, sex, and reproduction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most challenging age to parent a girl?

12-14 years old is the most challenging cohort. Girls begin to be fearless in showing their feelings to opposite genders and are prone to try adult-like habits out of curiosity, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or sexual attempts. However, every stage of age presents its challenges. For instance, an 8-year-old typically starts pushing their boundaries, or a 3-year-old often throws tantrums. 

How can I help my daughter build self-esteem and confidence in her dating life?

Don’t raise her as a pleaser. Instead, teach them to learn and embrace her unique attributes and stand by her principles. Love and support her unconditionally, and if she is interested in developing her hobbies or skills, encourage her to join a supportive community. Familiarize her to spare room for mistakes. If you keep these habits, she will grow a sense of self-respect that will determine her choice in choosing her potential mate.  

How can I ensure my daughter feels comfortable talking to me about her dating life?

Make her feel comfortable talking about anything that ever crosses her mind! That way, you will quickly get her to talk about her dating life and seek love advice. Be aware of cross-generation differences that may affect her perspectives. Thus, be prepared for a two-way learning process too. 

How do I start the conversation with my daughter about dating?

Start it by sharing your past dating experiences. If you have a hard time adjusting your tone or vibes, imagine you are talking to your close friend. Show her a genuine interest in her stories. Bite your tongue whenever you feel the urge to dictate and judge her. 

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