20 Fun Party Games Ideas for Teens. You Should Try Them All!

Having a party without any games will be incomplete, especially if your squad comes with a full team. Party means having fun, so if you hold the party for eating together only, the guests will feel bored after that. Preparing the party games doesn’t need that many properties, because nowadays there are many fun party games that require minimum equipment or even you can find it easily at home. 

If you still have no idea about the games or you are afraid that the games you are already thinking about will be boring for your friends, you better check out our recommendation of party games ideas for teens. Although it best suits the teenagers, it doesn’t mean you can re-play it with your whole family too. 

1. Skittles lucky dip games

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

This game idea is best for a pajama party of teenagers. You can kill the time by playing this skittle lucky dip. As the name mentioned, you just have to make the rules for each color that your friends pick as seen in the picture, and let your friend pick it up with closed eyes. This game is pretty exciting yet simple because all you need is skittles! We guarantee you won’t stop playing until morning comes. 

2. Ping Pong Cup Game

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

Another exciting game with simple equipment that you can find easily. It just needs a few cups, pong balls, and let’s write the rules. For example, you can challenge your friends to pong the ball to the center cup in order to win. If they fail, you can decide the punishment for them. For the punishment, you can prepare for the whip cream or do the dare for them. 

3. Drink up battle

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Although teens are not allowed to drink any alcohol, you can experiment to make a ‘fun’ drink for this game idea. Mixing the beverage using any herbs and spice will surprise the guests and their expressions while drinking it is worth capturing. The rules are pretty simple, you just have to throw the ball to the hole that you want, and do what you write on it. 

4. Dart balloon game

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@sumomaniaca.com)

Before closing the party, why not have fun by playing this dart balloon? It is exciting and we know that all your friends want to try it, especially if you just prepare some simple gifts for the winner. You just have to prepare the balloon, stick it to the board, and put some darts to let your friends play it together. 

5. Basket Toss

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@orangeobserver.com)

This basket toss is also a simple yet fun party games idea for teens. For those of you who love to throw the balls, you should try this game. All you need is medium baskets, small balls and a board to stick the baskets on it. Try to throw the ball inside the baskets as much as you can. And let you get the prize as the winner. 

6. Ring toss

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest)

Having this game idea in your party is like attending a carnival. This game is very classic yet always attractive to try. As the host, you just have to collect old bottles, paint it to make it look cheerful or you can decide the gift based on the color too! Also, decide the distance for the participants to toss the ring. 

7. Stacking the cup

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@blessthismessplease.com)

Stacking the cup is always worth trying and a must have game that you have to do with your squad. Although the equipment is only empty cups, the excitement to do this game is always high. You can let your friends have a second chance to build the cup as high as they can. 

8. Walking blindfolded

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@tiktok.com)

In order to get the gifts or snacks that you want, you have to walk and reach for it. But, it is not an ordinary walk because nothing comes easy, right? You have to walk blindfolded and stop based on your feelings. Once you stop, you can see what you get there. No rewind, no turning back. 

9. Guessing booth

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@playpartyplan.com)

This is a very fun game because this game will confuse your brain because you cannot see what you eat. Although you are familiar with the taste of the snacks, sometimes when you are not allowed to see what you eat, you will feel confused and try so hard to guess the snack. It must be merry having this game for teens. 

10. Candy Dice Game

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Teens love sweet treats and this candy dice game idea is a true sweet treat for them. The rule is easy because you just have to throw the dice and see what number you got. After knowing the number, then you can do what the candy dice rules tell you. Whether you have to give the candy to your friends, eat it for you or put it back in the pile. 

11. Flip the cup for tic tac toe

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

A kind of happening game for the party. This will make your party merrier only by playing this game idea since everyone wants to try and win it. Although the game is quite simple because you just have to play tic tac toe but you have to flip the cup first to get the way. If you fail to flip the cup, then your failure level will increase for sure.

12. Hopscotch game

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.de)

The best party game ever because it is not only fun, but also makes you share the laughter together with your squad. The position of the palm and feet is ridiculous but still worth trying. Also, don’t forget to record it while your friends play this game. 

13. Yank Me Game

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@playtivities.com)

Yank Me Game is tricky yet addictive to try. Actually, the rule is you have to slip the paper in between the cups, but the cups should be stacked perfectly after the paper is taken. Usually, the paper will go down if you just slip the paper. There is a trick to do it but you have to discover it by yourself, hehe. 

14. Pick Up The Cotton

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@naturalannieessentials.com)

Another hilarious and challenging game that you can do during a teens party. The game, actually is not that difficult but tricky for sure, because you have to blindfold your eyes, and pick up the cotton using a spoon or spatula. Cotton is very light, so it is hard to pick them up when you cannot see them directly. 

15. Roll up the paper

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

Do you dare to roll up the paper without having to make the cup fall down? You should have to try this party game idea. The tools are only rolling papers or tissue and plastic cups. To make it more challenging and tricky, don’t forget to pour water inside the cups. So, the participants will be more focused on the game. 

16. Draw from the back

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

A timeless game that you can play during a party. What you need are papers and pens. Drawing from the back gives a chill and is very entertaining because you can see the different results from each participant. Oftenly, the result will be far away from the object that should be drawn. 

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And this is the peak part of the games because the result will lead you to share the laugh together. 

17. Pantyhose bowling

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@sarahstewartholland.com)

No one cannot hold a laugh when playing this game because wearing pantyhose on the head will always be funny and silly at the same time. It can be done indoors or outdoors, but we prefer to do it outdoors since the space is bigger than indoors. The needed equipment is also easy to find. 

18. Blow the pong

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest)

The legendary party games that are suitable for teen parties are various, but this one is pretty often chosen since it is fun, easy, and thrilling. At a glance, you will think that blowing the pong ball is easy, but wait until you try it by yourself. Especially if you do it for the sake of winning something. The adrenaline will boost double!

19. Twerk Pong

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@inviteanddelight.blogspot.com)

Silly and hilarious at the same time the first time you try this game. Also, the equipment can be made by yourself because you just need some used tissue boxes, ping pong balls, and a rope to tie the tissue box on your wrist. The game will be intense since you have to twerking in order to let the balls come out from the tissue box. The more balls come out, then they are the winner!

20. Hanging Donut

party game ideas for teens
Source: Pinterest (@tipjunkie.com)

Eating donuts when the food is hanging is exciting yet challenging. Moreover if the viewers never let you eat peacefully since the rope can be moved easily and causes the donut to move around. This game fits for teenagers including the whole family member that want to join. 

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As the teenagers who love to hold the party, you also have to prepare the games for the participants, in this case your squad and best friends. Having a fun party games ideas are not that difficult because mostly the games need simple tools. The key is all the guests want to participate at the games you host. 

What is a fun party game?

Twerk pong is a fun party game. It is pretty happening currently and everyone can join the hype. Also, the tools can be used repeatedly. So, you don’t have to buy a new one once you want to re-play this game again. 

What makes a good party game?

A simple game yet hilarious and tricky will make a good party game during the party, especially if the participants are teenagers. Teenagers get bored easily if the party game is not that good and not that challenging for them. Those games above are recommended for young people to try. 

What are some fun game ideas?

Pantyhose bowling, hopscotch game, and yank me game are some fun game ideas. You don’t have to prepare many properties for the game but since the idea of those games are hilarious, these are must games you should do with your squad during the party. 

What games can you play with a large group?

Draw from the back and pantyhose bowling can be done in a large group. You can divide the people into a few groups and let them battle in a fun way. The more people participate, the merries your games will be. 

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