20 Tasty and Unique Graduation Cake Ideas

Giving a sweet treat on a special day will make the recipient feel happier and warmer in their heart. Because a sweet treat surprise is unexpected and often comes with some cute message inside. To those who just seek an idea to give on a big day like graduation, take a look at our recommended graduation cake ideas.

All of them are amazing, too cute to eat and fits the theme. Check out now to save your time. 

1. A bundle of book theme cake

A bundle of book theme cake
Source: Pinterest (@taylorsadie)

A book theme for a graduation cake like this is very cute. A bundle of books-alike complete with a graduation hat that can be eaten after the graduation ceremony. The recipient must be happy seeing this pretty cake when they got home. 

2. Show your favorite book

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@شوقر سبرينكلز)

Still with the book’s theme, but this one is a bit fancier because you can see that there is sugar icing as the place to save the book. Also, can you see how adorable that graduation hat on top as the icon that this graduation cake is for a pretty young girl who just passed her senior year. 

3. White and gold graduation cake

White and gold graduation cake
Source: Pinterest (@entreleisedocuras.blogspot.com)

One color cake that usually has a flavor of vanilla or cheese cake. The base cake is like a common cake since there is not much graduation ornament unless the hat on top and the certificate of graduation. You may write the name of recipient on the side of the cake to make the recipient feel happier. 

4. Cute cupcakes

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@cakecentral.com)

When it is too common to give a whole cake, you can give cupcakes, still with a graduation theme. It is simple but still fits the vibe. Also, it is easier to share the cupcakes without ever needing to cut them first. So, everyone can enjoy eating it. 

5. Marble color graduation cake

Marble color graduation cake
Source: Pinterest (@cupcakesandcounting.com)

Fancy and elegant with a delicious taste for a graduation cake. It fits for your daughter, niece, or sister that loves something luxury and doesn’t want something noisy. This marble color is very pretty to look at. You just have to add the message on the side of the cake with gold icing sugar. On top, don’t forget to place the hat and certificate. 

6. White rose cake

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@frostmesweetbakeryandbistro.com)

When you don’t want to give a real rose, you can give a rose in a cake shape. This white rose graduation cake is very gorgeous. The details are very fine, just like a real rose bouquet. It fits for those who love flowers, because they will be happy seeing rose and can eat it deliciously. 

7. Adorable graduation cake

Adorable graduation cake
Source: Pinterest (@pin.it)

A girl who holds balloons on graduation day describes the cake as being for the girl who just graduated from school today. Pink color cake without any ornament unless there is a graduation theme on it. The balloons look adorable and pretty tempting to taste. 

8. A pile of book

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@cakecentral.com)

Guess no one expects that this one is a graduation cake. The books look very real. This idea fits for boys or girls because the ornament is generally based on the theme only. No specific ornament that describes the recipient is a girl or boy. 

9. Graduation cake based on your major

Graduation cake based on your major
Source: Pinterest (@findyourcakeinspiration.com)

As for the law students, this graduation cake is very pretty. The details of ornament for the cake is undeniable. Your daughter must be in happy tears receiving this tasty and amazing graduation cake on her big day. The cake is too good to be true. 

10. Cute bento cake

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@casaefesta.com)

Bento cake is happening lately and it can be a solution to give a surprise for your daughter or relatives on their graduation day. It is simple, cute, but still matches the theme and tasty to eat. This bento cake as the graduation cake idea is an answer for the last minute option if you are too busy and confused about what to give. 

11. Globe inspired cake

Globe inspired cake
Source: Pinterest (@chicpursuit.com)

One of a kind graduation cake because the theme of this cake is inspired by the globe. The details of the maps are fantastic. It is not easy to make a graduation cake like this one. 

12. Psychology major cake

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@cakesdecor.com)

This graduation cake is the winner! Look at how amazing its details are for the brain and the book. For the psychology student, this cake is wonderful and too pretty to cut for eating. To customize a cake like this, you should find a professional cake maker, so the result won’t disappoint you. 

13. Fits for doctor or nurse

Fits for doctor or nurse
Source: Pinterest (@Kristen LoVullo)

For health major students, receiving a graduation cake like this is warming their heart. The color of the cake, the details, even the bandage looks cute too. Also, the bakers do not forget to sprinkle the medicine along the cake. This detail is top notch. 

14. A classic book

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@society19.com)

A classic book shape, certificate and a graduation hat for a graduation cake is a good idea. It is simple yet still catches the theme. Fits for your child who don’t like something bright or too many ornaments on the cake. 

15. Miniature graduation cake

Miniature graduation cake
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

This is for the sweetest girl who just passed a senior year at school. A miniature of the girl made by icing sugar, certificate of graduation, and look at the silhouette along the cake. It really describes the vibe during graduation day. 

16. Graduation money cake

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Robin Gawrych)

Instead of giving a real cake, you can use this unique idea as a gift on graduation day. A bunch of money as a surprise for your childs is somehow more useful too, especially if they are not so into something sweet. Also, you can arrange the money by yourself. 

17. Sweet cake only for you

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@honestlybecca.com)

A balloon, miniature, and a simple cake like this is pretty sweet for graduation day. This decoration for the cake describes well for the big day. So, you can choose this one as a gift for your daughter. 

18. Initial graduation cake

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@sugarandcharm.com)

When you don’t want to give a common graduation cake, you can go with this initial cake with a hat on top to explain that the recipient graduated today. This cake is very cute and pretty at the same time. Also, the initial shape brings an elegant vibe because the look is not that noisy. 

19. Your favorite character

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Misty Baxter)

Who isn’t happy receiving this cute character as a graduation cake? For Hello Kitty fans, this one is the cutest ever. Hello Kitty wearing a graduation costume like you is something to be captured well. If the recipient loves another character, you can request the bakers to make another one. 

20. Graduation cake for the boys

graduation cake ideas
Source: Pinterest (@cakecentral.com)

Fits for the boys since the ornament on the cakes is complete. There is a soccer ball, music note and books too. As for the boys who love music, soccer and just passed from the school, this cake will describe them well. Oh, don’t forget the graduation hat on top.


No more doubt or confused feelings after seeing those pretty and cute graduation cakes above. Make sure you have enough time to order before D-day comes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you put on a graduation cake?

A decoration that is based on the theme. For instance, you can put a graduation hat from icing sugar, a message to congratulate them for graduating, and some ornaments based on the major they took. 

How do you make an easy graduation cake?

You can make a bento cake since it is simple and cute. Also, no need for a big size to save time. 

How do you decorate a graduation cake?

By putting the decorations on top and along the cake. Make sure you already shape the decoration first before putting it on the cake to avoid damage on the cake. 

How much cake do you give for a graduation party?

One cake is enough. Because a whole cake can be shared with the others. If you give a bento cake, it can be shared for 3 persons. 

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