What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

Teenage girls are a mystery to many, but in reality, they can be very easy to understand!

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

Being a teenager is no fun, and we should try to remember that as parents and guardians.

However, if you have a teenage girl in your life, you might be wondering what kinds of things she likes to do.

Times have changed, after all, and life is very different for teenagers now! So, what exactly do they like to do? What do they enjoy in life? 

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

The answer to your question depends entirely on who the teenage girl is in your life! There is no one right answer because guess what? Every single person is different.

You can’t assume that every teenage girl wants to paint her nails, curl her hair, and do her makeup.

Just like you can’t expect every teenage boy to be into video games or sports. 

People, no matter what their age, are unique and will have their own interests.

While you might know a teen girl who loves everything that is traditionally “girly”, you likely also know one who would prefer to go fishing or camping than the salon.

For this reason, we really can’t assume that all teenage girls will like the same stuff, because they definitely won’t. 

With that being said, there are some activities and hobbies that a lot of people enjoy.

Truthfully, these activities can’t even be related only to teen girls, because they are just general things that anybody, no matter their gender identity, can enjoy!

Hang Out With Friends

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

If the teenage girl in your life is a social person, chances are she likes to spend time with her friends.

This could mean hanging out in her room or one of her friends’ houses, or going out and doing something fun together.

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From going to the movies, concerts, or just about anything else, spending time with friends might be something that she likes to do.

This won’t apply to everyone, though. If the teen girl in your life isn’t much of a social butterfly, then maybe she prefers having a lot of alone time.

This is absolutely fine, too! Don’t expect everyone you meet to want to hang out with friends all the time.

Play Video Games

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

You might think that this is more of a boys’ hobby, but playing video games is for everyone.

Maybe the teen girl in your life is an avid gamer! From Call of Duty to Assassin’s Creed, even to games like Animal Crossing or Sims!

There’s also a good chance that she likes to play online games where she can hang out and chat with her friends virtually, which is great!

Read Books

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

Not everyone loves to read books, and that’s always been the case, but it’s still popular!

Reading can be a great way of escaping your reality and experiencing another one.

It doesn’t matter if the books are adventure, sci-fi, or even romance – reading is a hobby that many people like to enjoy.

Watch Movies And Videos

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

Movies and TV shows are great, but don’t forget things like YouTube, too!

The teen girl in your life might love a specific movie franchise or TV series, most people do!

On top of that, however, YouTube might play a big part of their lives.

There, they can watch all kinds of things, from education videos about science and space, to fun videos about makeup, arts, or anything else you can imagine! 


What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

Painting is a hobby as well as a therapy. A lot of young people take to painting as a means to get in touch with themselves and slow their minds down.

Maybe the teen girl in your life likes to paint? There are acrylics, oils, watercolors and gouache to play around with and make some incredible works of art.

Play Sports

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

Maybe the teenage girl in your life loves sports! Anything from football to hockey, and anything else you can imagine could be on the cards for teen girls or anyone else.

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Sure, not everyone likes sports, but since they’re so popular, there’s a good chance that teem girls might be part of a sports team, or simply play it casually after school or on the weekend.

Build Things

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

Anything from mini houses, bird houses, robots, treehouses, and so much more are popular activities for teens.

This hobby might be done at home or at school, but depending on the interests of the teen in your life, she might like to use her hands and amazing brain to build things and put them together. 

Play An Instrument

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

Playing instruments is another super popular hobby that many people have, regardless of gender identity.

Maybe she’s part of a band at school, or is teaching herself an instrument.

You could expect sounds from clarinets to guitars to the ruckus sound of the drums coming from a teen girl’s room!

Go Shopping

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

No list on what teenage girls might like to do would be complete without shopping on it, right?

Sure, lots of teens love to go shopping. Whether that’s for makeup, clothes, jewelry, or a badass new bike or instrument!

Retail therapy can be expensive, but it’s nice to be able to buy something for yourself after working hard for it, anyone of any age can agree with that!

There’s Always A “But”

What Do Teenage Girls Like To Do?

The hobbies and activities on this list are all fun, but there’s no one size fits all with any human.

If you have a teen girl in your life and want to know her a little better, talk to her!

There’s a good chance that she will happily let you know what she likes to do – everyone is so different! 

Final Thoughts

You can never guess what someone likes to do, especially teen girls! They’re mysterious, but amazing.

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Take note of the things that she seems to enjoy, or just ask her what she likes to do!

Maybe by learning a little more about her, you will be able to get closer and have a better understanding of one another.

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