20 Teens Riddles You Can Share To Your Friends!

When you are gathering with your family or friends, as teenagers, you need some ice breakers after finishing dinner or when the tv show is boring, right? But sometimes, you all are too lazy to play some games or just grab some video games. So, you need a pile of riddles that you can throw to your squad and let them think deeper and out of the box.

Actually, it is not only for your squad, but also it fits for your family. You can challenge your whole family, such as dad, mom, uncle, aunty, or even your cousin to find an answer. It is really good for your holiday as well. Check out here!

1. What do little trees say on Halloween?

You must be thinking about tricks or treats, right? This riddle is a good one to throw on Holiday when you gather with your friends during a costume party. Let’s make them confused for a while. If they don’t know the answer, whisper this:

Twig or treat!

2. Do you have any idea what to call a cow when there is an earthquake?

Your friends usually will think too far from the simple answer that they probably can give. You can prepare what your friends will react to after you give the answer. 

Yes, you can say: a milkshake for the answer. 

3. What can fill a room but not take any space inside? 

It is pretty tricky for sure especially when your friends or family start looking around, trying to find a possible object as the answer. Although you know that the answer is not an object at all. When everyone is in silence and thinking for the answer, then that is the answer. 

The answer is: A Silence. 

4. What happens when you slap Dwayne Johnson’s butt?

It must be hard to find the right answer unless you think about how mad Dwayne Johnson will be when you have a chance to slap his butt. Yet, since it is just a riddle, you are free to ask this question to your friends. Let them be confused and imagine how Dwayne Johnson will be mad with them. Although the answer is far from the feelings. 

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The answer is: You hit The Rock bottom

5. If Dracula feels pale and he insists on going to the bank, where is best for him?

As for Dracula fans, maybe your squad can find the answer easily. But there is nothing wrong if you throw this question especially during Halloween. 

The answer: A blood bank

6. What has to be broken before you use it?

It is not that difficult actually, because perhaps there are some items or things that used to be broken first before it is used. But here, the context is a bit different and should be exact. So, when your friends ask for the real answer, then you can tell them this, because the answer is: 

An egg

7. What room has no door and window?

We guarantee that everyone will look into some spaces and rooms to find the answer. But still, the answer is not about the room at all, lol. Yes, it is a play of words and spelling actually. When your friends are giving up to find the answer. You can point to the mushroom if you have one and say: mush-room.

8. What is a worm that doesn’t wiggle?

For book lovers, perhaps it is an easy question, but sometimes they also don’t expect the answer to be that easy and simple. Most people might think about a kind of worm that does not wiggle literally, although it is such a waste to think like that. Lol. Because the answer is: A bookworm.

9. I was born suddenly, and I can tell the story. I can be lost, but I live forever with you. Can you know what I am?

It is kind of mysterious and your teen friends must be thinking too far. They think something hidden or something tricky. Although to get the answer you need to understand the description of the question, it might be pretty hard to get the right answer. Is it about a thing, item, or animal. We are pretty sure your friends will give up on the answer. Then you can whisper this: Memories

10. Which fashion item sounds like the upper part of a mobile war machine? 

For the pun lovers, it might be that easy. But sometimes, when you get this question so suddenly, you cannot think that fast and out of the box. The answer, of course, is pretty silly yet it is the purpose of having riddles especially for teens, right? If your friends already beg for the answer, just tell them this: Tanktop.

11. You can hold it without your hands or your arms. What is it?

It’s pretty easy tho’ yet tricky as well if you think in a rush. For this kind of question, not all people think about things or items but something abstract for sure. If you assume that your friends can answer the question, you can make a judging expression that makes them think more and hold their answer. However the answer is as easy as breathing. And yes, the answer is our breath.

12. The more it dries, the wetter it gets. What is it?

Confusing? Yes, but it is the purpose of playing riddles for teens. Making everyone confused and answering the question frustratingly but the answer is still wrong. The answer is a common thing but since the description of this riddle is indirect, of course it makes people think far. However we use it everyday if we can remember about it clearly. Yes, you use a towel after a shower, right? A towel is something that makes you dry but makes it wet. The more your body dries, the wetter your towel will be. Answer: A towel.

13. This one can go around the world but it will stay in the corner. What is it?

For a traveler or someone who loves to send a letter, it is such a familiar one. Because they will think about the items for traveling or that can be brought around the world. But, if your friend or family still don’t get the clue. You can answer it straightly: a stamp.

14. If fortune had a daughter, what would her name be?

This is not the best teen riddles but yes you can try it for your friends. Prepare for the rolling eyes expression after you tell the answer, lol. Because the answer is pretty cheesy as the riddle but it can be added as the ice breaker after dinner. The answer is: Misfortune (Miss Fortune).

15. What did Adam say the day before Christmas?

A petty yet fun to throw this kind of riddle to your teen squad. Since it is December or even not that season, you still can try this one. For the pun enthusiast, it is a chance for them to get the answer, but if they give up too, you can tell the answer with the exact expression and tone of voice as well because the key of this answer is your tone when telling it. So, let’s say this: It’s Christmas, Eve!

16. Do you know what can make the octopus laugh?

We just imagine how your friend will express their feelings after you throw this riddle. It is a good one to add the recommendation of teen riddles. It is how you play with words and modify it into a riddle. Since the answer is: ten tickles when the real meaning is tentacles.

17. Why is Santa so good at Karate?

Still a good one to throw as the ice breaker after eating while everyone just in silence due to their full stomach. The ideal time to ask this riddle is after Christmas dinner actually but still you can try it anytime. If no one can answer, you can show a photo of Santa and point out his belt then saying: Because he wears a black belt.

18. Which five letter word will be shorter if you add two letters to it?

The answer is: short. Because if you add two letters which are e and r, it becomes ‘shorter’ than ‘short’. A simple yet mind blowing riddle that you can share with your friends, right?

19. Who is a person who is terrified of Santa Claus?

It is a difficult question actually because you have to play with words smartly in order to get the answer. When your besties just have no idea about the answer, you can tell it directly: Claustrophobic.

20. If you have it, you don’t share it. If you share it, you don’t have it. What is it?

Just think deeper about it. Of course it is not about the things or items. It is not something that you can see or hold explicitly. So, you can think about something abstract that you cannot share if you want to have it by you only. Know the answer? No? Well, let me tell you the answer because it is a secret

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Teen riddles are something that you cannot miss when gathering with your friends or family. This is the best way to break the silence, hence people call it an ice breaker. There are no rules about the riddle that you should throw because it can be pun intended or not based on your want. Above are our recommended teen riddles you can share with your friends.

What is the world’s hardest riddle?

For teenagers, this is the world’s hardest riddle ever since it is tricky to answer the right one. Which five letter word will be shorter if you add two letters to it?

The answer is: short. The explanation is above that we mentioned before. Also you can see why it is the hardest riddle for teens. 

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