What Do 14-Year-Olds Do When Bored?

Keeping a 14-year-old entertained can be a big challenge, especially during the holidays. Fourteen-year-olds can get very bored, very quickly and when that happens you should know how to recognize it.

What Do 14-Year-Olds Do When Bored?

While they may enjoy simply scrolling through the social media feeds on their smartphones, when school is out there should be some activities laid out that they can enjoy.

In this article, we will look at how to recognize when a 14-year-old is bored, what they do in that situation, and what activities you could introduce them to.

Recognizing When A 14-Year-Old Is Bored

What Do 14-Year-Olds Do When Bored?

Sometimes, it only takes the sound of a resigned sigh to notify a parent that their 14-year-old is bored. If they are lying on the couch and staring into space then that is a surefire sign that they are struggling for things to do.

Try not to fixate on your 14-year-old as there are likely more important things to do in the household. Instead, try to engage the child in whatever it is you are currently doing such as doing chores or cooking.

What Do 14-Year-Olds Do When Bored?

What Do 14-Year-Olds Do When Bored?

There are plenty of creative activities that a 14-year-old can turn to when they are bored. At this age, there may be a desire to play an instrument, or at least learn how to.

If it proves difficult for your 14-year-old to remove themselves from their smartphone then it may well be that they can read a book on there too.

Whether in PDF format or as an audiobook, it may be a good time to let them loose in a bookshop to see what books they would like to read.

At 14 years old, a child should be getting creative and that could mean cooking or baking so let them get inspired by some how-to videos or a recipe book.

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For a 14-year-old girl, learning how to create new hairstyles for themselves and others can also be a skill to learn. Make-up also becomes interesting so you may want to show them how to apply it before they decide to take matters into their own hands.

There is plenty that a 14-year-old can see on their smartphone that should be considered safe. This can include a funny YouTube video or learning a language via an app.

They may well be chatting with a friend on an instant messaging app or scrolling through Instagram feeds to find something interesting.

Sport Activities

What Do 14-Year-Olds Do When Bored?

At 14 years old, cheerleading may be a pastime that they can get into. Certainly, it can be a challenge to stay in shape and learn various moves.

However, joining a cheerleading squad can be a great way to become engaged with the local sports team, the local community, and make some new friends too.

Getting fit should not be a huge concern at this age yet a bored 14-year-old may want to join a gym or simply exercise at home.

Sports can become really interesting to a 14-year-old, whether that is watching them on the TV or, ultimately, participating. Try to turn on some sports coverage if it looks like your 14-year-old is bored and one may take their interest.

After that, you can find out if there is a local soccer, football, or swimming team, for instance, for them to join.


What Do 14-Year-Olds Do When Bored?

While a 14-year-old may be too young to get a job and earn some real money, they can still help out in their local community. By volunteering, a child can learn the ways of the world and gain some new perspectives.

This could be at a pet shelter which could prove exciting if the 14-year-old likes animals and wants to get one for the house.

If they can look after a stray cat or dog then that may make the decision easier as to whether one should be introduced into the home.

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Further activities that a 14-year-old could do to help out include gardening. Whether that is your own backyard or a neighbor’s, they may even earn some money for it should they do a good job.

They could also help out with some DIY jobs that need to be done around the house though make sure they wear the necessary safety equipment. A 14-year-old would also be swift to do the research via social media or YouTube.

Decorating could also bring out a 14-year-old’s creative side, especially if they get to wield a paintbrush. This could be painting a fence or learning some interior decorating.

If they want to decorate their own room, this could be an ideal opportunity to get them to tidy it first.

Final Thoughts

When a 14-year-old is bored, it can seem quite obvious from their body language and the tone of their voice.

To get them out of their stupor, introduce them to something new such as volunteering, a new sport that they may not have heard of, or a chore around the house where they could gain some responsibility.

Whatever it is, recognizing what a 14-year-old does when it’s bored is one thing but doing something about it is another.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would A 14-Year-Old Get Bored?

Teenagers succumb to boredom for several reasons. It could be that they have more time than they expected when school is out during the holidays.

This could be due to a lack of friends or simply that they have more time on their hands and require more responsibility. That can be tricky as they may be too young to handle some duties yet they also require some inspiration to use up their time.

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How Do Parents Become Less Boring To Their Kids?

Parents can seem boring to their offspring and it can seem almost inevitable. In order to seem more interesting to your child, create some exciting goals for the day, week, month, or even year.

You can tell them stories about what life was like at their age. Perhaps show them a talent that they were hitherto unaware of such as a dish that has been passed down for generations.

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