10 Signs of Bad Parenting

Whoever told you that being a parent is easy, was probably never a parent. Parenting is not an easy role. And unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a manual of instructions. There isn’t training that will give you all the answers to be a good parent. So it’s easy to fail and to be called a bad parent. But how do you know if you are doing something wrong? Here are some of the signs of bad parenting that you or someone you know, might be doing even without realizing it.

10 Signs of Bad Parenting

Bad parenting is not always obvious (even for the parent). Maybe it was the way you were raised or other factors (such as stress) that made you do things that are seen as signs of bad parenting. The good news is that you can change those behaviours right now. So let’s dive into the most common signs of bad parenting.

1. Physical & Verbal Abuse

signs of bad parenting

While in some cultures physical punishments are something seen as normal, it doesn’t make it good parenting. It’s never okay to physically abuse a child. But sometimes, as a parent, it’s normal to feel frustrated, but if you ever find yourself in that place, it’s better to distance yourself and take a breath before doing anything reckless.

However, when it comes to verbal abuse, things are not as clear as you may do without even realizing it. Words are seen as harmless, especially when we compare them with physical abuse. But the harm is just as great. If you find yourself losing your temper, it’s better to seek help.

Physical and emotional abuse are often actions triggered by a lack of control, and that can happen for many reasons. However, you need to remember that whatever you do affects your child. It has consequences. To find the root of the problem and fix it immediately.

2. Neglecting Your Child

signs of bad parenting

When we think about negligence, we may think about the lack of providing food, a home, or essential needs that any child needs. But the truth is that a child needs more than a roof, clothes and food. Some of the biggest signs of bad parenting when it comes to neglecting your child are as simple as not acknowledging their accomplishments, wishes or even their personality.

You can be a good provider, but one of the common signs of bad parenting is the neglect of emotional support. Your child needs to know that you are there for them, not only to ensure that they are safe, but also there for them when they need emotional support. It’s important to ask your child how their day was, or if there’s something they need to share with you.

3. Setting Bad Examples

signs of bad parenting

A lot of us must have heard the phrase ‘Do what I say, but not what I do’. But the problem is that children are like sponges. They absorb every behaviour of the people around them. Your child sees everything you do, and very often they will mimic you. And that’s mainly because they look up to you. So it’s important to watch out for any bad habits that your child may see.

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And because this is one of the easy-to-miss signs of bad parenting, it is really important that you become self-aware of the things that you say or do as a parent. Small things such as not waiting for the green light when you are in a rush can teach your child the wrong thing.

4. Overly Pampering Your Child

signs of bad parenting

Just because it’s a good thing, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be harmful. There’s nothing wrong with pampering your child. But the reason why pampering is one of the signs of bad parenting is that when it’s given too much, the consequences are not that positive.

Your child needs to learn how to be independent as much as it needs your love. Aiming for a healthy balance is the key when avoiding overpampering your child. It’s important to make space to teach your child to be more independent but also find room to pamper them.

5. Lack of Trust

signs of bad parenting

One thing that all parents have in common is that we all were kids once upon a time. And many of us have probably complained about how our parents didn’t seem to trust us. If you have been through that while growing up, then you may remember what it felt like. However, if you haven’t experienced that, the feeling is not that great.

One of the reasons why some parents struggle to trust their children is not because they don’t trust their children, but to protect them from danger. However, there are other ways where you can show your child that you trust them. Simply listening to them and validating their thoughts or feelings, is already a huge step. This will also help to fortify your relationship. A child will most likely feel more comfortable approaching you with any trouble they may be experiencing when they feel like you trust them.

6. You Are Not Supportive

signs of bad parenting

Everyone at some point may have experienced a lack of support from family, friends, or their workplace. This was probably not a nice experience. So imagine how a child must feel when you don’t support them. Yet many parents don’t realize that a lack of support is one of the many easy-to-miss signs of bad parenting.

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It’s important to show support and interest in your child’s life. They are counting on you especially. You are the most important person in their lives, and your support is extremely important during your child’s upbringing. Being a supportive parent will help your child to build great self-esteem and confidence, which are fundamental skills for a brighter future.

7. Comparing Your Child to Others

signs of bad parenting

A lot of parents tend to exemplify a well-behaved sibling or friend to explain misbehaviours from their child. And while this may sound harmless, it is actually one of the signs of bad parenting. By comparing your child to someone else, you will not only make them feel embarrassed, but you can also be triggering some self-believing issues that may negatively affect their lives.

Some examples will show that children whose parents compare them to others, often struggle to measure and accept their own personal success. There’s also the chance that your child will become envious of others. And of course, there’s a chance of damaging their self-esteem, which can cause other issues as they grow older. Instead of comparing them to others, perhaps try to encourage good behaviour.

8. Showing Lack of Affection

signs of bad parenting

Knowing how to establish emotional connections is an extremely important life lesson that most of us learn with our parents, family and friends. As human beings, human interactions are a very important part of our lives. So it’s important to teach your child about healthy relationships and, of course, demonstrate enough affection.

However, some of us may struggle with affection when we haven’t experienced it ourselves, which is why this is one of the signs of bad parenting that often gets ignored. It’s important to show affection around your child. A simple hug can make them feel safe and protected. A kind word can open doors to healthy self-esteem. And of course, having a healthy level of affection for you will most likely stop them from looking for other ways to compensate for the lack of affection at home.

9. Not Acknowledging Your Child’s Feelings

signs of bad parenting

Validating your child’s feelings is probably one of the most important things that you will do as a parent. And yet avoiding your child’s feelings is probably one of the most common signs of bad parenting that goes unnoticed. Nevertheless, the damage from this can last for many, many years.

The solution, however, is quite simple and easy to apply. By simply asking how your child is feeling and validating their feelings will make them feel accepted and comfortable to open up with you, without feeling judged. Allowing your child to feel comfortable in sharing what they are feeling also encourages healthy emotional behaviour, as suppressing those feelings can lead to many mental health problems as well as detachment issues.

10. Not Setting Boundaries or Rules

signs of bad parenting

If you have ever felt guilty about setting boundaries or rules, then you should be glad that you did because the lack of not setting those rules is one of the many signs of bad parenting that may be misinterpreted. While some may see it as a punishment or strict, having boundaries and rules set at home is actually a healthy parenting tool that will help your child in the long run.

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Setting boundaries and rules encourages a safe environment, which is something that every child needs. But it also promotes healthy behaviour towards others. One of the main benefits of setting rules is the implementation of discipline. Self-discipline is one of the many factors that many successful people tend to speak about when addressing their success.

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