How To Stop Your Teenager From Swearing

It is never a nice experience to hear your child either swear at you, or just use obscene language in the home. It can feel terrible, especially if it becomes a habit. 

How To Stop Your Teenager From Swearing

Most of the time it is likely to either leave you stunned and unable to speak, or wanting to boil up with all the anger you feel, making you react in a fit of rage. 

Despite this and how you feel you should react in the moment, it is really important that the way you act will determine whether your teenager will do it again. 

Not only that, if swearing becomes a habit, then there is a possibility that they will use it to an employer or a person they have begun dating.

Also, they may already be using bad language with a friend who also swears a lot.

In this article we shall take a look at what the best way is to respond to your teenager who is swearing, and how to help them to stop using obscene language.

Why Do Teenagers Swear?

How To Stop Your Teenager From Swearing

Unfortunately, it is difficult to get away from swearing. Not only is it in TV shows and movies, but it can be found in songs too, and general pop culture.

No wonder then that your teenager has decided to start using bad language

However, despite this, you can decide whether swearing is brought into the home environment.

When swearing is allowed, it can become a place that isn’t respected or is peaceful.

Also, teenagers who equip swearing as a part of their vocabulary no matter where they are, aren’t as ready to be adults as those who don’t swear are, no matter how much older they think they feel by swearing. 

Whilst your teenager might be swearing as a general thing, they may also use it as a form of abusive language.

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Both are not always welcome in the home, so it isn’t surprising that you are looking to stop your teenager from swearing. 

How To Respond To A Teenage Swearing Matters

How To Stop Your Teenager From Swearing

No matter the reasons, a teenager swearing at you, or even during a conversation is unacceptable behavior.

If you have never heard them use such language around you before, it can come as quite the shock.

Even so, the way you respond to the situation matters.

One of the things to avoid is swearing back at them, or becoming generally really angry.

One of the best methods is to stay calm, and then approach the subject when you have both calmed down.

If you struggle to say anything productive, tell them that you are going to leave for you both to have a chance to calm down, and will be back to discuss consequences.

One thing to make sure is to never actually give in to your child.

You might start feeling guilty for saying no to something because they are upset, but then they will expect this of you every time.

They also need to learn that not everything can be given to them that easily.

If they are on their way to becoming an adult, they need to know that setbacks happen, otherwise they will struggle with not getting everything that they want.

Also, if you give in, it will teach them that if they swear it gets them exactly what they were after. This is the last thing that you want!

Giving Them Consequences For Their Actions

How To Stop Your Teenager From Swearing

As we stated above, swearing is never acceptable, at least not in the home, and especially if it is aimed at a family member or loved one. 

One way to show your teenage son or daughter that swearing isn’t acceptable is by taking away one of their privileges.

This could be by telling them they cannot meet up with a friend, or they can’t play on their games console for a whole week.

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You could even give them extra chores to do around the house, or take their phone of them for just a couple of days.

You must, obviously, make sure that they will get their privileges back, but only if they can be respectful.

However, don’t be vague. Whilst it is tempting to only give them their privileges back once trust is built, it is more useful to let them play video games after a chore list has been completed, for example, then letting it drag on. 

How To Make The Home Respectful

How To Stop Your Teenager From Swearing

If it isn’t a one-off issue, or if they use bad language towards you, then there is a good chance that you have some work to do over a long period of time.

You will want them to gain respect towards you, as well as understand why it has gone.

The goal is also to make sure that the likelihood of it happening again is low.

One of these ways is by not swearing around your children yourself. Some teenagers copy off their parents.

Also, just be good role models generally, and let your child have some independence as they are growing up.

Sometimes it isn’t surprising when a teenager lashes out, but make sure he or she can build up respect and learn from their actions so as to not do it again.

It is also worth noting that they may have seen something from a TV show or on social media, so if this is the case, find out where and think of ways to stop your child from being too exposed to stuff that isn’t suitable for them.

Final Thoughts On How Stop Your Teenager From Swearing

How To Stop Your Teenager From Swearing

It is never nice to hear your teenager swearing, whether at you or around you. It is no surprise that you would like them to stop doing so.

No matter the situation, always respond in a calm manner.

If you have no idea what to say, let them know that you are leaving to calm down, and will be back to speak to them with a consequence.

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Do always avoid giving in, as this will only let them know that they will get what they want when they swear. 

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