How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

It is only natural for you to want your teenager to do well at school.

When they come home with a report card that shows that they have bad grades, it makes sense that you will want them to start becoming motivated to do well.

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

Having good grades can set them up for a good career. If your child has been falling behind in class and producing bad grades, then you may want to discipline them.

Doing so might encourage them to do better in school.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how to discipline your teen for bad grades, and what you can do if they are getting bad grades.

How To React If Your Teenager Is Getting Bad Grades At School

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

When you find out your teen isn’t getting good grades at school, it can be easy to feel anger at the situation.

However, doing so will not help the situation at all. Even so, it can be frustrating if you are expecting them to do better.

Whilst some parents want their child to succeed to the highest level possible, others are happy no matter what grades their teen gets – well, within reason.

Even if you do have this mindset, if you see that your teenager isn’t doing well, you might start to feel concerned.

A lot of parents take bad grades as a measure of failure because it shows how well or not well they are doing in school.

You might think whether they are just being lazy and not listening, or perhaps they just aren’t clever enough.

However, seeing a bad grade or two can cause an overreaction by the parent – or even the teenager.

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Whilst it does show progress, it isn’t always a fair example of how they are doing at school.

It also doesn’t mean that they haven’t been learning or trying.

There could be a very good reason as to why your teenager is struggling, or maybe they were going through a bit of a rough patch during an exam?

Whatever the reason, it is always worth speaking to them without talking down to them, or becoming angry.

However, there are times when a teeneger has gotten bad grades out of pure lack of motivation to learn.

When this is the case, some parents choose to discipline their child to help motivate them to do well.

We shall be taking a look at various ways in this article. However, how should you initially react?

Do Not React Angrily

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

If your teenager shows you their report card and it has bad grades, remember to breathe.

The last thing you want to do is to react in an angry way, otherwise your teen will run to their room and shut themselves off.

It is only natural to want to vent your frustration, especially if bad grades keep occurring, but it won’t help the situation in any way.

Make A Time To Talk

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

Instead of reacting in that very moment, tell your teen that you will speak about it once dinner is over, for example.

This gives you time to calm down and to think about your thoughts. 

It will also make the discussion a lot more productive rather than both of you being angry and upset whilst getting nowhere. 

Make Sure The Discussion Is Open

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

When you do have the talk, make sure your teen knows that they can talk to you openly about any issues.

Stay calm, relaxed, and don’t make any judgements. 

By letting them speak and explain, you both might be able to come to a conclusion. However, you may still want to discipline them.

Whilst harsh, it may help them to become motivated to do well. 

Set Goals During A Discipline

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

Once a discipline is in place, start to set some realistic goals with your teen so that they can work on doing well.

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It won’t happen within a week, but it should get them motivated to do better at school. 

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

Here are a few ways to discipline, yet motivate, a teenager for having bad grades:

Restrict Activities

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

If your teenager is spending far too much time on social media, try and limit this and make sure they are getting their work done.

The effort they spend on their Instagram account can be out into schoolwork instead. 

This can also apply to real life activities too. If they want to enjoy hobbies and fun things, then they must find a way to work hard.

Stop Social Gatherings

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

If their grades haven’t improved, then consider limiting, or stopping altogether, any social gatherings with friends, or even parties.

However, don’t let this go on for too long, a teenager needs time to be social so that they are healthy and happy

Let Them Learn From Their Mistakes

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

Some people allow their teenagers to learn from their own mistakes, and this includes doing badly at school.

However, this isn’t for everyone and the outcome can be different depending on the individual case. 

However, if their grades aren’t good, they might have to go to summer school which could motivate them to try better. 

However, You Can Also Create A Structure

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

Sometimes a teenager needs some form of structure, even at home.

Get into the habit of not letting them do anything fun once they get home from school, unless they have sat down and completed their homework. 

Having a structure will keep them organized, and perhaps even motivated to finish work.

After all, once their homework is done (and to a good standard), they can watch TV or hang out with friends. 

Final Thoughts

How To Discipline A Teenager For Bad Grades

Your teenager will need to know that whilst you are there to help, the consequences of not working hard at school might mean problems for them, such as having to repeat a full grade.

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Encourage your teenager to do well in school, and give them any extra help that they need, but a variety of discipline can be a great way to motivate them into trying harder. 

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