What Are Activities That Teenagers Like To Do?

If you know any teenagers in your life, you might wonder what kind of activities they like to get up to in their free time. You might think back to what you liked to do back in the day, but things have changed!

What Are Activities That Teenagers Like To Do

Now, teens live very different lives to what parents might have back in the 70s or 80s. So, what are activities that teens might like to get up to in their free time now?

We have to say, while some things are very different, there are some things that haven’t changed at all! Teens are still, for the most part, mysterious and notoriously difficult to get on with, but they still love a lot of the classics.

What Activities Do Teens Like To Do?

Think back to your days as a teen – what did you spend your free time enjoying? Was it sports, or music, or something else?

Whatever you were into, you can guarantee that at least a few teens are loving it! Maybe what you loved has evolved into something fresh and new – who knows?

Every Teen Is Different

It’s impossible to say what every teen likes to do, because everyone is different! Some teens might love the “classic” teen things, while others won’t like that stuff at all. This list is only to give you some ideas of the things that teens might like to do.

A Few Ideas

Play Video Games

Will video games ever not be popular among teens? Anything from Call of Duty to Skyrim, or even Sims and Slime Rancher – there are so many video games out there for kids to enjoy depending on their interests.

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Not only that, but now there’s the choice of PC gaming, PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo, and so much more that’s more readily available. It’s a whole new world!

Watch Movies And TV Shows

Everyone loves watching movies and TV shows. Maybe some teens like to rewatch The Vampire Diaries over and over again, while others would prefer watching through the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars.

You can bet that teens will have a series or movie that they absolutely move.

Go Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get in some exercise, enjoy the great outdoors, and get away from life for a while. It’s a popular hobby among many older teens!

Do Coding

Some teens love coding – we bet you knew someone who loved all things tech back in the day too, right? Coding can be so much more now, though, and with a knowledge of coding, you can create anything you want.

It’s entirely possible that a lot of smart teenagers still love to get their brains working with some coding.

Figurine Making

A lot of teenagers still like RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons, which has a whole creative side to it! You might be surprised by how many young people still like to create figurines and similar things, whether it’s for D&D or something else entirely.

Play Sports

Play Sports

Spots will always have a place in the hearts of many teens, whether they’re living in the 80s or the 2020s. A lot of teenagers love to play sports, even if it’s just casually outside school.

You can expect young people to enjoy throwing hoops or practicing their throwing, no matter the era.

Create Art

Teens still love to create art. However, creating art can mean anything from sketching to incredibly detailed paintings and digital works. Art can even be something totally different, like pottery, macramé, or anything else creative and fun to do.

Play Instruments

Music will always be popular, and plenty of teenagers love to play music. Some might be in band at school, or they might have their own band! Maybe they just like to play instruments on their own in the comfort of their own homes.

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Hang Out With Friends

Lots of teens are social, which means that they probably like to spend quality time with their friends when they get the chance. This hasn’t changed, you probably liked to do this, too!

Go To The Mall

Hanging out at the mall is always fun, even if you don’t go there to shop. Lots of teens love spending time at the mall just to enjoy the atmosphere and do some people-watching.

Go Shopping

Of course, teens often love to shop, though, too. If they’ve worked for the money, they have the right to spend it on some fun stuff!

It could be clothes, makeup, a new video game, or anything else you can imagine! Shopping will never die, even if it does all eventually go online – shopping is shopping!

Hang Out At The Park

The park has always been a popular place to hang out with friends, and teenagers today still love to do it! Sure, not all parks are safe, but we like to think they have the common sense to know which ones those are.

Listen To Music

Listen To Music

If teens still like to play music, they probably still like to listen to music. With artists like Harry Styles, Lorde, and Ariana Grande out there, we can guarantee that music plays a huge role in the lives of many teenagers.


Plenty of teenagers love to write! This could be writing poetry, short stories, novels, or even scripts! Writing is a great hobby that lots of people like to get lost in to escape life.

Play Board Games

Board games are still popular in some groups! A round of Monopoly or Cluedo still goes down well with a lot of young people.

Read Books

A lot of teens still love to read books – from Harry Potter, Divergent, the Hunger Games, or Lord of the Rings! There will always be book lovers in the world.

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Some teenagers like to volunteer at various places! This could be at animal shelters, wildlife sanctuaries, or anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

There’s never one answer for answering what teenagers like to do. They are individual people and unique, with their own interests and preferences. If you don’t know what the teens in your life like to do, why not try asking them?

Suzy Prichard