Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

Being a teenager is an exciting time for many, however it can be filled with its ups and downs.

Life as a teenager is complicated as this is the time in their lives when they are having to grow, learn about themselves and prepare for life as an adult.

Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

They are met with school, complex friendships and awkward family relationships and all of this can have a great effect on their mindset.

Naturally, teenagers are going through a lot of emotions and one thing which is common is low self-esteem.

It is important to recognize that this is normal yet find a way to help our teenagers to overcome this.

Self-Esteem And Teenagerhood

Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

It is not too uncommon for teenagers to doubt themselves or feel inadequate and this is because they are suffering from low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, many do not possess the self-confidence they should have to thrive, and this can have a major effect on their lives socially.

They may not have a voice, they may struggle in social situations, they may compare themselves to others, and these are all toxic when it comes to their development.

As teenagers, they are getting ready for the adult world by learning to interact with others as well as becoming their true selves, but this is hard to achieve when they do not believe they are worth anything.

But what is it that causes low self-esteem in teenagers? Although we cannot speak for all teens, there are many common reasons which many share.

Media Representation

Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

Today, it is normal for teenagers to be locked to their phones allowing them access to social media, online magazines and more.

Because of this many teenagers are comparing themselves to what they see online without understanding that this isn’t the real world.

They will see people on Instagram with filters and compare their “beauty” to their own.

They will watch videos of people having fun with friends and compare their bland life to others’ extravagant ones.

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All of this is enough to bring a teenager down and lack self-esteem.


Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

Unfortunately, bullying is a normal occurrence in high schools everywhere and because of this we are seeing many students develop low self-esteem.

Students will get bullied for many reasons based on the way they act, the way they look, how smart they are and much more.

Anyone can be a target and if someone happens to be one this can lead to them hating themselves and wishing they could be better.

Inability To ‘Fit In’

Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

All teenagers want is to fit in with everyone else, but this is hard to if you are someone who is different.

If a teenager is overweight, taller than other teens, smarter than others in their class, it is very easy for them to stick out and struggle to fit out, especially when others make it clear of their differences.

These teens are the ones who lack any confidence and doubt themselves because they can’t fit in.

Some other causes of self-esteem in teens include: school stress, poor family life, no parental support, physical appearance issues.

Activities For Teenagers With Low Self-Esteem

Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

Despite all of these negatives, there is a way to help teenagers with their self-esteem, allowing them to get through their teenage years and grow into confident young adults.

A great way to promote good self-esteem is to partake in activities (this can either be done together or for them by themselves).

These activities will allow them to appreciate themselves and remember that they are worthy of self-love.

Physical Activity

Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

Getting involved in some kind of physical activity – whether that be going for a jog, playing a round of basketball or swimming – is a great way to help with self-esteem.

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Ask your teenager what their favorite thing is to do and convince them to spend at least an hour doing that activity.

Not only will this be great for their mind, but it will also help them to stay healthy physically.

This is also a great way for them to clear their mind, reminding them of what they can achieve when it comes to this physical activity.


Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

A diary is a great tool for your teen to have as it helps them to relay their thoughts as well as set goals for themselves to achieve.

This diary should be for them to note down the objectives they want to achieve and then how they can achieve it.

It doesn’t matter if these objectives are to be achieved in the next for days or in 5 years time as long as they have something to reach for.

By doing this, it is showing the teen that they have purpose, allowing a positive outlook on life.

Mirror Reflection

Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

As a child becomes a teenager, they will change physically.

They will grow taller, their skin will change, and their body will start developing into an adult.

Because of this, many teenagers feel embarrassed and insecure, especially as all this happens so fast.

We want to be able to remind teenagers that even with their body changing they are still beautiful and the best way to do this is for them to see it.

Get your teenager to look at their reflection in the mirror and highlight everything they like.

Whether they pick one small feature or lots of parts doesn’t matter.

What matters is that they see something which they can love and appreciate, reminding them that they are special and should love themselves.

Challenging Negative Beliefs

Teenage Self-Esteem Activities

Instead of ignoring the negatives, it can be very beneficial for a teenager to speak openly about all of the negatives and challenge them.

Get your teenager to name something they don’t like about themselves and their life and get them to explain why they hold these beliefs.

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Getting them to speak these things aloud won’t only allow you to understand them but help them to realize that these negative thoughts will not bring anything positive to their lives.

Final Thoughts

Teenagers struggle with self-esteem but the best way to resolve these troubles is to challenge this negativity head-on.

Try involving your teenager in some of the activities listed above and watch their confidence grow.

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