How Can I Empower My Teenager?

As your child grows up, it is only normal to struggle at the possibility of letting them have more independence.

How Can I Empower My Teenager?

Whilst it is only natural to feel worried about them, it allows them to become a responsible young adult.

The whole point of empowering your child is to make sure that they have some form of responsibility, and also how to know the ways of dealing with it.

Not all teens find this naturally either, so guidance from their parents is necessary.

This means that they also need to learn it via experience.

As a parent, you cannot spend your days doing everything for your teenager and saying no to the things you think they won’t be responsible for – for example that festival they wanted to attend with friends.

In this article we shall take a look at the ways you can empower your teenager, and why it is important to do so.

Importance Of Making Sure Your Teenager Takes Responsibility

How Can I Empower My Teenager?

It can be difficult as a mom (or dad) to let your teenager take on responsibility.

There is a chance that you might see them as your young boy or girl, but you have to let them grow up and learn.

Letting your teenager take responsibility allows them to figure things out, as well as understand – and perhaps experience – any of the consequences that have happened due to the choices that they made.

Also, it means that your teenager will not feel like a victim, and will take full responsibility if things go wrong for them.

This is a great way for them to not blame others, or excuse another person for the mistake that your teenager made.

For example, it is about looking at other options and seeing how the outcome could have been different if something was to go wrong. 

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To put it even more simply, no matter what, your teenager having responsibility for their own actions every day will help to empower them into adulthood. 

Ways You Can Empower Your Teenager

How Can I Empower My Teenager?

Whilst you might be feeling a little in the dark of how to empower your teen, here are some simple ways to do just that:

Give Them Responsibilities

How Can I Empower My Teenager?

As your teenager grows up, they will need to have their own responsibilities so they can take some form of ownership of their actions and what the consequences are.

To do this, all you need to do is give them chores to do around the house, perhaps have them do their own laundry or help with certain jobs around the house.

Another good responsibility is how they earn their money and then spend it.

This is a good way to show that if they don’t save, and spend it on anything and everything they want, then the consequence is that they won’t have any money left – and you won’t be buying it for them!

Making Mistakes Can Be A Good Way To Learn

How Can I Empower My Teenager?

We all know that making mistakes is a way to learn not to do it again.

Most of us don’t, thankfully! When your teenager does make a mistake, it doesn’t have to be a negative.

Doing so can show them the lesson of learning from it.

Because of this, if something similar happens again, they know to avoid it, or can make a completely different decision. 

Also, remember that a child’s decision has nothing to do with you. Once you take yourself out of it, realize that it was just a bad choice.

A teenager can be silly at times, and not understand the consequences.

They can, however, learn from it, and at this stage in their life, it is okay to keep on learning when it comes to their actions. 

Make Sure They Know That They Can Make A Good Choice

How Can I Empower My Teenager?

The last thing you want is your teenager to feel indecisive, and that the choices that they make are bad.

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You will want to instill confidence in them, and reassure them that they are capable enough to make a great choice.

If we feel like they cannot make good choices, then it is only natural as a parent to always want to rescue them out of a problem. 

If you do find that they make terrible choices, it is always worth seeking out professional help to steer them into the right direction. 

They Must Have Their Own Solutions To A Problem

How Can I Empower My Teenager?

It is only natural that once your teenager has a problem you will want to help them with your own solutions.

However, they need to be able to figure things out for themselves. 

Instead of jumping right in and offering a solution, get them to think about options instead.

You can do this by the questions that you ask, which will hopefully get them thinking about ways they can solve the problem.

Never Blame Another For Something That Is Their Own Mistake

How Can I Empower My Teenager?

It can be a difficult thing to do, but taking responsibility for our own actions is a brave and good thing to do.

It means we can accept that we made a bad choice and move on from it.

However, some parents choose to accept the blame for their child’s wrongdoing.

When this happens, as your child grows up, they are more likely to blame others for the mistakes that they make.

Your teenager must learn that every decision that they make will impact their future, themselves, and those around him or her.

Only they can be the ones who are blamed for the mistakes they make, and once they know that, they can learn from it.

Final Thoughts On Empowering Your Teenager

Empowering your children to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes is an important step towards adulthood.

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Once they learn to become independent and responsible, they will become a well-rounded adult.

Just remember that their mistakes are their own, and they must learn from them by taking responsibility, otherwise they might start to blame others for their failures. 

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