Why Back to School Routine Rules


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While your teens may balk at the back to school rules you put in place, rest assured that when you encourage a structured routine for your teens,you are actually making tremendous strides toward reducing daily stress. We all appreciate structure and predictability in our lives, your teens are certainly no exception.

As a parent you are catapulted into the role as routine enforcer. This can sometimes feel overwhelming, and well, stressful. Although your teens may seem annoyed by your wake-up calls and insistence that they eat breakfast, in reality, their reaction toward you is not personal. It is more a resposne to getting back to the daily grind and the responsibilities that go along with this.

As your teen gets older, it is important to put more resposibility on his shoulders regarding daily routine. This is especially important if he has plans to go off to college, join the armed forces, or take a gap year away from home after he graduates high school.

Although following a rigid routine may not seem as relaxing as hanging out without a care enjoying the lazy, hazy, days of summer, routines are certianly reliable. Most teens face a rigorous day at school. With so much to attend to, a dependable daily routine helps teens feel in control and on track.Just how much structure is helpful to an individual teen varies. As a parent, your job is help your teen strike the right balance between structure and flexibility. Teens involved in a myriad of afterschool activities tend to appreciate the comfort afforded by a structured rounine.

Back to school means back to busy high school days. A little bit of daily routine can serve to reduce a lot of stress. Such asn assurance is priceless especially when the pressure to get everything done can feel overwhelming.

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